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!!Episode 1

->'''Bren:''' On the shores of a secret island, in the middle of a mist-shrouded lake, far from the sight of any other land, stand four heros... unfortunately.\\
'''Jonathan:''' You wot? \\
'''Bren:''' They have gathered here, to answer the summons of the wise hermit of Atilane. He each appeared, in your dreams, holding a silver torch in one hand and a golden book in the other, urging you all to come quickly, for destiny itself had need of you.

->'''Bren:''' (the group is introducing their characters) Next up, you. I dare... even ask you.\\
'''Alan:''' Me?\\
'''Bren:''' You're dressed... in your grandmother's curtains.\\
'''Eren:''' Her pantaloons.\\
'''Alan:''' My grandmother's curtains? No- You call me a clown, sir, I am no clown, merely a poor bard, down on his luck. It has been hard times for me, (gesturing to his clothes) I uh, I pulled this from a young man who I sold a story to, and--\\
'''Eren:''' You pulled it... from him?\\
'''Jonny:''' Pulled it?\\
'''Alan:''' Pulled it.\\
'''Jonny:''' You stole it?\\
'''Alan:''' Deep inside of him.\\
'''Bren & Mitch:''' (laughing)\\
'''Alan:''' Pulled the story! The tendrils, deep inside of his heart, and he gave me this fresh off his back.\\
'''Jonny:''' He's mental.\\
'''Alan:''' Mental? No. (grabs Jonny's beard) Just looking for a good story.\\
'''Jonny:''' There's a lot of wisdom in this beard, may I tell you.\\
'''Alan:''' A lot of wisdom, a lot of wisdom in your young heart, I'm sure. I'll- I'll be sure to drag it out; and weave a story like no other. My friends, I am here, mostly, to tell of your great deeds. I'm no great fighter myself, (to Eren) I can't profess to be a master in the pits, or (to Lysha) a temple dweller, or (to Jonny) whatever the hell you are, Mister Bearded Fellow.

->'''Alan:''' Who are you, bearded man?\\
'''Eren:''' Yeah who are you, actually?\\
'''Jonny:''' Me? I am Jonny the Wise.\\
'''Bren & Mitch:''' (laughing)\\
'''Jonny:''' Have you not heard of my tales?\\
'''Alan:''' I must profess I've talked to many bards and none of them sing a song about Jonathan the Wise.\\
'''Eren:''' Did you give yourself the title?\\
'''Lysha:''' My existence was quite sheltered, I have never heard of such a man.\\
'''Jonny:''' No, I got the title... long ago... from some... some fella.\\
'''Bren:''' From where?\\
'''Jonny:''' I'm a bit of a folk hero where I come from. I've saved ''many lives.''\\
'''Bren:''' Where is your village?\\
'''Jonny:''' My verge?\\
'''Bren:''' Your village.\\
'''Jonny:''' Oh, up north.\\
'''Alan:''' Johnny the deaf.

->'''Hermit of Atilane:''' But it is not brains you will need, it is your bicep, of 36 circumference. Inches. I do say.\\
'''Eren:''' Well thank fuck for that.

->'''Jonny the Wise:''' I live based on instinct.

->'''Alan:''' My friend, when were you injured?\\
'''Gilbert:''' Oh many years ago, it was a, a bad storm you see, I'm glad you asked, it's an interesting tale, take a seat.\\
'''Eren:''' Oh fuck, now you've done it.\\
'''Gilbert:''' It was an interesting night, I uh-\\
'''Eren:''' There's nowhere to sit here!\\
'''Gilbert:''' Bad omens, bad omens were encroaching us...

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