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* ShoutOut: To ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''Literature/ThePurloinedLetter''.


* ShoutOut: To ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''Film/{{The Maltese Falcon|1941}}'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''Literature/ThePurloinedLetter''.

* ShoutOut: To ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''[[Creator/EdgarAllanPoe The Purloined Letter]]''.


* ShoutOut: To ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''[[Creator/EdgarAllanPoe The Purloined Letter]]''.''Literature/ThePurloinedLetter''.

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* ShamCeremony: Kimberly has the job of fundraising for her agency. She comes up with the idea of inventing an award to present to a generous benefactor so he'll stay friendly. Later after escaping FirstContact with an apparently hostile alien species that the government wants to keep quiet about, she's rewarded with an award that she can't remember having heard of before...

* ShoutOut: To ''TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''[[EdgarAllanPoe The Purloined Letter]]''


* ShoutOut: To ''TheMalteseFalcon'', ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''[[EdgarAllanPoe ''[[Creator/EdgarAllanPoe The Purloined Letter]]''Letter]]''.

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''Infinity Beach'' is a science fiction novel written by Creator/JackMcDevitt.

In the future, many worlds have been colonized, but no alien life has ever been discovered. The starship ''Hunter'' was one of many that set out into space on a search for intelligent life. With its trip cut short by an engine malfunction, the crew returned home and sadly announced the failure of the mission. Then two of the crew members vanished off the face of the earth, and a third was killed in a massive, unexplainable explosion that also wiped out an entire village.

Years later, Kimberly Brandywine sister to Emily Brandywine, one of the mysteriously vanished ''Hunter'' crew members discovers evidence that all is not what it seems. Why did the Hunter send a message announcing "We struck gold" before returning to announce failure? What still haunts the site of the explosion, leading to whispers of ghostly shapes and disembodied eyes floating in the night? With all of the original Hunter crew dead or missing, Kim's search for the truth about what happened to her sister won't be an easy one. But she will not stop until she uncovers the real story of the ''Hunter''... because something happened out there, in the blackness between stars, and something was brought back.

!Provides examples of:

* AbsentAliens: Despite the many worlds explored, not so much as a microbe of alien life has been found.
* AntiMatter: Presumed to be the cause of the mysterious Mt. Hope explosion.
* BavarianFireDrill: How Kim and Solly [[spoiler:steal a starship]].
* DesignerBabies: Cloning is commonplace
* EndOfAnAge: Discussed at various points.
--> ''People always believed they lived in a crumbling world.'' They ''themselves were of course okay, but everybody around them was dead downhill.''
* FacelessEye: The Shroud
* FictionalDocument: Like many of Jack [=McDevitt=]'s works, each chapter starts with a quote. Some are from real works, and some are from fictional documents.
* FirstContact
* GoMadFromTheIsolation: The Severin Shroud

* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Solly staying behind to blow up the ''Hammersmith''.]]
* HiddenInPlainSight: [[spoiler:Both the original ''Hunter'' logs and the ''Valiant'']]
* ImprovisedWeapon: A microwave
* IntangibleMan: the Shroud
* ItsForABook: Kim uses this as an excuse to question Tripley's ex-wife.
* JustThinkOfThePotential
--> ''The interest was generated not by the reason for the experiment, but by the fact that we've demonstrated we could trigger a nova. Consequently, the Institute's public information group decided to concentrate on that aspect of the story, and the benefits the human race might eventually derive from the capability. Unfortunately, no one could think of any.''
* {{Lilliputians}}
* SawItInAMovieOnce: Solly's explanation for his idea of blowing the Shroud out the airlock.
* ShoutOut: To ''TheMalteseFalcon'', ''{{Film/Alien}}'', and ''[[EdgarAllanPoe The Purloined Letter]]''
* SignatureStyle: A decades-old mystery revolving around someone suddenly acting in a way contrary their entire life's work (in this case, the ''Hunter'' crew falsely reporting failure despite previously wanting more than anything to find life)? Classic [=McDevitt=].
* SubspaceOrHyperspace: Hyperspace is used for FTL travel and communication
* ThrownOutTheAirlock: Attempted against the Shroud. Doesn't work.
* TitleDrop: Both of "infinity beach" and of the novel's original title, "slow lightning".
* VirtualGhost: One of the applications of AI

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