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''Last Men in Aleppo'' is a 2016 documentary film directed by Feras Fayyad.

It is about the [[,_surrender,_and_evacuation siege of Aleppo]] during the Syrian Civil War. Four years of fighting around Aleppo led to Syrian government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad cutting off the last road into the city, surrounding and besieging rebel forces inside Aleppo. A horrifying siege then began, with the Syrian government and its Russian ally launching continual bombing raids against rebel-held Aleppo.

The film focuses on the [[ White Helmets]], a volunteer group working inside the battered city. The White Helmets are a volunteer force specializing in search and rescue, which chiefly involves pulling people out of the rubble of collapsed buildings after air raids. Specifically, the film follows two White Helmet volunteers: Khaled, who has children inside Aleppo and wonders about whether he should get them out of the city, and Mahmoud, a younger man who is worried about his brother, also still in the city.


* BreakingTheFourthWall: The presence of the cameraman is only acknowledged once in the film, when Khaled buys some desserts from a vendor and gives one to the cameraman, cheerfully saying "Here you go, boss!"
* CallBack: One whimsical sequence shows Khaled and his buddies buying some goldfish from a street vendor and then stocking a fountain with the goldfish. Later, we see a tight closeup of a goldfish in a tank. The camera then zooms out to show that the fishtank is in an apartment that has had a whole side of the building blown away. This starts a dreamlike montage in which the camera zooms and glides over various Aleppo ruins.
* {{Documentary}}: Of the siege of Aleppo and specifically the White Helmets and their volunteer search-and-rescue misisons. Done in the "fly on the wall" documentary style and thus eschews many standard documentary tropes--no {{Narrator}}, no StockFootage, no [[TheKenBurnsEffect Ken Burns Effect]].
* {{Gorn}}: A dead baby is pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building barely seven minutes into the film. On another occasion the White Helmets find a severed foot.
* JitterCam: Seen many times as the cameraman follows the White Helmet aid and rescue workers around the city during and after bombing raids.
* MoodWhiplash: One scene shows Khaled and his children taking a break from the horror and death by going to a playground. The fun ends when Russian scout planes zoom overhead and everyone has to make a hurried departure before the bombs start dropping.
* UrbanWarfare: The siege of Aleppo, which wreaks terrible destruction on the city and causes many civilian deaths.

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