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[[ Tommy Pickles: The Terrible Twos]] is a fanfiction of ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' that's set one year after the show, and Tommy is two years old and dealing with things that come along with being two like potty training. It consists of several storylines:


[[https://www.''[[ Tommy Pickles: The Terrible Twos]] Twos]]'' is a fanfiction of ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' that's set one year after the show, and Tommy is two years old and dealing with things that come along with being two like potty training. It consists of several storylines:

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[[ Tommy Pickles: The Terrible Twos]] is a fanfiction of ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' that's set one year after the show, and Tommy is two years old and dealing with things that come along with being two like potty training. It consists of several storylines:
* "Tommy vs. the Potty": Tommy turns two years old and gets a new outfit and also must be potty trained. He has a bit of trouble but eventually figures it out.
* "Tommy's Fear": While fishing with Grandpa Lou, Tommy falls into the water and develops a [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes phobia]] of water. Then, while at the pool, Angelica teases him and makes him go into the pool, where he hits his head, passes out and gets amnesia. While at the movies, he recovers but must face his fear.
* "Tommy Talks": While at the supermarket with Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu, Tommy says his first word ("Reptar", referring to some cereal) and has a tantrum that the cereal is not allowed. Then, he, Dil, the Finsters and the [=DeVilles=] see a Goober the Gopher movie, which Tommy hates, so he walks off and has a tantrum, forcing them to go home as some sort of punishment. Tommy apologises, but his friends are mad and don't forgive him. Tommy then realizes that both times people got mad at him for having a tantrum, he had said "Reptar" to the grownups, so he decides never to say that word to a grownup again. His friends make up, but Tommy doesn't want to play with the Reptar toys for fear he will say Reptar's name to the adults and because he doesn't tell his friends, they are confused. The next day, Tommy decides that he can still see Reptar but can't say it, so he is very quiet even to his friends. Meanwhile, the grownups are feeding him Reptar cereal and buying him more Reptar toys so he will say Reptar's name, but it doesn't work. He also buys the Goober the Gopher movie for Dil to watch. He then has a nightmare about Reptar, but the next morning, he finally says Reptar's name to Stu and they watch a movie about Reptar.
* "Hector Comes to Play": When the [=DeVilles=] and the Finsters are on trips so they can't play with Tommy, he and Dil go to the park where they meet up with Tommy's old friend Hector. Didi and Hector's mother set up a playdate with Tommy, Dil and Hector. Tommy wonders what adventures to go on with Hector and when he arrives, they visit Stu's basement but are scared away by robots. When Stu takes them out of the basement, they play at digging for treasure, but when they come back from finding a bucket, the treasure is gone. Hector, Tommy, and Dil search for the treasure and then finally find it and the playdate ends.
* "Prudence's Little Sister": When Tommy's friends arrive back, Tommy tells them about his adventures with Hector. Then, Lou and Lulu take the kids to the playground where they meet Tommy's old friend Belinda, who tells them of a one-year-old bully named The Bumblebee. When "The Bumblebee" (whose real name is Gloria) arrives, she tricks Phil and Lil into thinking there are Reptar bars and declares the playground is hers, leading Dil to bump his head (this time with no brain damage or amnesia) and Belinda to scrape her knee and they go to bed, Dil wondering if aliens have possessed Gloria.
* "Tommy's First Splinter": The next day, Dil learns how to walk backwards. They then go back to the same park, where they discover Belinda's arm is broken. They meet Gloria, who is bullying her older sister, Tommy's old friend Prudence. Prudence, Tommy, Dil, Belinda, and the other kids try to stand up to Prudence but Tommy gets a splinter. Didi treats it, but Tommy, who's standing up to Gloria, is scared of getting another one. However, Gloria [[spoiler: ends up breaking her own arm and apologising.]]
* "Tommy Breaks a Leg": While playing with Cynthia, Angelica spots some cookies across the street. She doesn't want to get into trouble, so she asks Dil to get them. Dil is fine, but when Tommy hears that Angelica sent him for the cookies, he and his friends go out in search of him. They find Dil (who'd gotten lost) and cross the street but a car runs over Tommy's leg, breaking it. He goes to Dr Robinson who treats him, but his leg is still broken. This makes Tommy unhappy as it hinders his movement. After a few days of being grumpy, Tommy and Dil, along with their friends, go to Piggy's Pizza Palace where they meet their old friends Big Binky and Emma. However, when Tommy's friends go out to play, Dil gets stuck in the tunnels and Tommy tries to save him but hurts his broken leg and has to keep off it for twelve weeks. This makes him cranky. Eventually, his cast gets taken off but he decides he doesn't like his hair.
* "Tommy's Purple Hair": Tommy tells the other kids how he was called a "grape head" for his purple hair at the doctors', which he didn't like. Then, at Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu's place, he and Dil dye his hair blond. When he arrives home, his parents are shocked but can't get the dye out. At the park the next day, some adults call Tommy a "corn pop" for his hair and he gets mad and, when he gets home, cuts some of his hair off, meaning to cut it all off. Didi takes him to the hairdressers and he gets his hair back to normal.
* "Green Pickles": The Pickleses, the Finsters and the [=DeVilles=] meet some new neighbours who are moving into the house Dil took the cookies from. The neighbours are Ebony and Alan Green and their one-year-old daughter Savannah, who likes Dora the Explorer, Reptar and Goober the Gopher. The kids make friends with Savannah but on the next day, Savannah's birthday, Angelica hides her presents (which are a Dora blankie from the Finsters, a plushie of Backpack and Map from the Pickleses and a Dora colouring book from the [=DeVilles=]) so that Savannah would think the babies didn't bring her presents and they wouldn't be friends. The babies search for the presents and eventually they (and the adults) find them.
* "Library Antics": Didi takes Savannah, Tommy and Dil to the library to get library cards. There, Tommy borrows a Reptar book, Dil gets a Goober book and Savannah gets a Dora book. However, at home, Spike and Spiffy bury the kids' books. When Tommy and Kimi come visit, the kids realise their books are gone. When they find them, they are broken and Angelica tells them that if children bring a broken book to the library, they'd get their library cards taken away and have to live in "outside space". So they then try to fix the books. They try using glue, but that sticks the books together and when they open them, they rip the pages again, so they try using tape, but rip the pages again, so they try to visit Susie and ask her for advice. Susie reassures the babies that Angelica was just lying and they should take the books to Didi and Ebony. When they do, Didi gets a fee of ten dollars, but everything is otherwise fine.
* "Another Family Reunion": The Pickleses get a phone call from Aunt Dottie, reminding Didi that it's her turn to host the family reunion. While Stu and Didi clean up, the babies talk about family reunions. Uncle Hugh and Aunt Dottie arrive with their children: Timmy-Ray and Julianna, aka "Jill". Then, his other cousins Tammy-Faye and Emmet show up but they can't find the other cousin Tony. What they don't know is that Tony and his parents are in a hotel as Tony has a cold. They have their baths and bedtime and the next day, Tony and his parents show up, the parents putting Tony in the bed, but the babies don't see and Angelica lies that he now has too many cousins because of Dil and Jill so he disappeared. The babies search for Tony and eventually find him but he still has a cold.
* "Tommy Catches a Cold": A week after the family reunion, Tommy is playing with his friends (including Savannah) when something seems wrong with him. He feels a bit funny, is getting pale and suspects he has a cold. He then develops a runny nose, sneezing, headaches, tiredness, mood swings and an inability to hear straight. He tries to take a nap while the other babies play elsewhere and try to give him presents (mud and worms from Phil and Lil, a Reptar doll from Dil, apple juice from Chuckie and a blankie from Kimi) to cheer him up. Didi and Kira notice Tommy has a fever and take him home, but when the other kids see Tommy gone they think he's disappeared from his cold. When Dil gets home, Tommy is still sick and whenever Dil does something to do with Goober the Gopher, Tommy snaps at Dil, leading to Tommy breaking the Goober plushie and Dil calling him the "worst big brother ever" and breaking the Reptar doll. Didi fixes the toys but the brothers feel guilty and Tommy's cold is getting worse. The next day it improves but when Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu visit, Lou's friend Morgana also visits and Tommy fears that his grandma will leave because he heard her say "You know Lou, if you're having such a great time with Morgana, I can just leave". He apologises and then tells Dil what Lulu said. He sings the song he sung when he was teaching Dil about music and they make up. Then they try to fix the Lulu situation. They do it by bringing Morgana toys and by that stage Lou & Lulu are flirting so the boys think their plan is working. They had lunch, Morgana leaves and Lulu apologises. Then, Tommy is better but Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, Lil and Savannah had gotten colds. Tommy then gets invited to Uncle Ben and Aunt Elaine's friend's wedding.
* "Visiting Uncle Ben and Aunt Elaine": Tommy's friends (who still have colds) see the Pickleses' car is gone and worry that they have disappeared. The car trip is a bit boring for Tommy and Dil but they are happy when they meet the bride-to-be Paula. The next day, Tommy and Dil go to church and meet Scott the groom and Tommy pretends to carry the rings as practice. The next morning, Dil loses the rings and they go on a search, Didi finding them as they find the rings. The wedding happens and then Elaine announces she's pregnant and tells Tommy and Dil that their cousin is kicking in her stomach, which causes the boys to muse about where babies come from. When they see Aunt Elaine throw up due to morning sickness, they think she is trying to cough up the baby and decide to get her to fall asleep while reading a long story so they can push the baby out. They accidentally choose a photo album which induces a flashback to how Ben and Elaine met (when Ben crashed his car against Elaine's at the library). When Elaine does fall asleep the boys try to push the baby out but damage Elaine's placenta. She is in pain and is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor delivers good news, bad news, worse news and terrible news: Elaine did not have a miscarriage but she had ''placental eruption'', which could be life-threatening for her and the baby, who might not survive even if he survives the birth! Tommy and Dil search the hospital for a balloon, which floats away but Dil, despite having stolen some food and being nearly caught by a policeman, manages to catch it. However, Elaine is crying. It turns out she's fine but her baby died and they have a funeral. They eventually leave as the nursery is kept as a guest nursery. On the car trip back home, Tommy tells Dil the story of the first time he chased a balloon. When the Pickleses get home, Tommy and Dil's friends are better and they are glad he hasn't disappeared. They play outside but it's hot, so Dil takes off his clothes.
* "Goin' Nakey": Dil refuses to wear his clothes, even though his friends tell him he must. His parents try to diaper him but he doesn't want to wear diapers. He then pees on the floor. He gets cleaned up but at the park, he takes off his clothes again and ends up peeing on the Reptar doll. Reptar gets cleaned but the next day, Dil isn't allowed to go to the park with his friends. Dil then gets invited to a Goober the Gopher ice-skating show. He goes to the show and eventually decides not to shed his clothes.

!!''Tommy Pickles: The Terrible Twos'' provides examples of:

* AccidentalMisnaming: Tommy still thinks Mr Friend is Mr "Fiend".
* AmnesiaEpisode: The last few chapters of "Tommy's Fear" has Tommy (and Reptar in a ShowWithinAShow) get amnesia.
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: The film the babies are watching, "Reptar vs Amnesia", has Reptar get amnesia and attack the city like a normal dinosaur.
* BabyLanguage: The babies can talk to each other, but not to the adults (with the exception of Tommy's first word "Reptar").
* BabysFirstWords: "Tommy Talks" focuses on Tommy saying his first word that isn't in BabyLanguage, which is "Reptar".
* BabyTalk: How the kids talk because despite being one year older, they're still quite young.
* BerserkButton: Tommy, unlike his friends, hates Goober the Gopher.
* BirthdayEpisode: Tommy gets his second birthday in "Tommy vs the Potty" and Savannah gets her first birthday in "Green Pickles".
* BlindWithoutEm: Just like in canon, Chuckie, Didi, and Grandpa Lou.
* BrattyHalfPint: Angelica and the [=McNulty=] boys never changed.
** Tommy worries that he will become this after hearing he's going through his "terrible twos" and there's also Gloria, a.k.a "The Bumblebee" who apparently hurt someone so bad they had to go to the hospital even though she's only one.
* TheBully: Angelica, Timmy, and Gloria are all bullies, though they're not all bad.
* TheCakeIsALie: When [[TheBully Gloria]] tells Phil and Lil there were Reptar bars, she lies.
* CatchYourDeathOfCold: Didi seems to believe Tommy can catch a cold if he stays in wet clothes.
* CharacterDeath: Elaine's baby dies.
* TheConfidant: Susie is still good at giving advice, as evidenced in "Library Antics".
* CompanionCube: Tommy still thinks the garbage truck is a monster named Hubert.
* CreepyDoll: Tommy and Hector are both still scared of Mr Friend.
* DarkFic: While not usually a dark fic, the chapters "Tommy's Fear" and "Visiting Uncle Ben and Aunt Elaine" are notably darker than the show.
* DeliveryStork: Tommy tells Dil about Angelica telling them babies came from stork eggs.
* {{Determinator}}: Tommy is a downplayed version of this.
* TheDiaperChange: In the first chapter, Tommy gets his diaper changed. In the second, Tommy gets his diaper changed for the last time before potty training, and then Dil gets his diaper changed.
* EmbarrassingDampSheets: Happens to Tommy on his second day of being potty trained.
* EmbarrassingNickname: Dil calls Angelica "Yucky".
* FacingYourFears: Tommy overcomes his water fear by [[spoiler: saving Chuckie at the pool.]]
* {{Fainting}}: In "Tommy's Fear", Tommy, who's scared of the water, awkwardly bumps his head while already dizzy, leading to him fainting and having a second near-drowning.
** Tommy gets unconscious again in "Tommy Breaks a Leg", after being hit by a car.
* FandomRivalry: InUniverse, when Angelica and Savannah argue about whether Cynthia the Animated Series or Dora the Explorer are better.
* FlashBack: When Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Dil and Susie try to jog Tommy's memory by talking and showing things to him, he gets a flashback of bad memories, causing him to cry all night. Later, when Tommy and Dil involuntarily open a photo album, Ben and Elaine tell the story of how they met.
* GadgeteerGenius: Stu still likes to invent.
* GoodNewsBadNews: The doctor gives "good news, bad news, worse news and terrible news".
* GreenEyedMonster: When Lou's friend Morgana visits, Lulu gets jealous and says "If you and Morgana are having so much fun, I could just leave".
* HatesBaths: Dil and Jill both hate baths.
* HeDidntMakeIt: What the doctor says about the baby.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler: Gloria turns good after she breaks her arm.]]
* HelpImStuck: Dil gets stuck in a play tunnel in "Tommy Breaks a Leg".
* HeroicBSOD: Tommy has this after he gets his memory back, due to being unable to face his fear.
* ImagineSpot: When Tommy is afraid of water, he imagines getting flushed down the loo.
* InjuredLimbEpisode: In "Tommy's First Splinter", Prudence breaks her arm fighting with Gloria, then Gloria breaks her arm. In "Tommy Breaks a Leg", Tommy's leg breaks after being hit with a car.
* InsomniaEpisode: In one of the "Tommy's Fear" chapters, Dil can't sleep because of Tommy, who has recently acquired his memory but is having bad memories, so he keeps crying. Later, his parents also miss out on sleep due to Tommy's crying. However, the parents catch up on their sleep when the babies go to the movies. When Tommy is going through his grumpy phase after going to the movies, he is said to be missing out on sleep, however, he doesn't seem tired.
* LastNameBasis: Timmy calls Tommy by his last name. Later, Angelica refers to Chuckie as "Finster".
* TheLeader: Tommy is still the leader of the Rugrats.
* LimitedWardrobe: Played with. When Tommy gets potty trained, he gets a different outfit, and that shocks his friends as they are used to his limited wardrobe.
* TheMedic: After Tommy gets his head injury, he sees a doctor named Dr Robinson.
* MorningSickness: Elaine gets morning sickness, which causes Tommy and Dil to think she is trying to cough up the baby.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Tommy tells Dil not to tell anyone about his fear of water, leading Angelica to intimidate him into telling and Angelica to push him into the water, leading to him bumping his head and nearly drowning. Dil at first thinks it's his fault for telling, but then he thinks it's really Angelica's fault.
** Later, Tommy (who has a cold) and Dil get into a fight and break each other's toys, and both feel very guilty afterwards.
* NatureTinkling: When Tommy gets a potty emergency while outside, Phil suggests he go on the tree.
** Later, in the second chapter of "Tommy's Fear", Tommy does pee on a tree.
* OriginalCharacter: Dr Robinson and the Greens are made up by the fanfic writer.
* PottyEmergency: While being potty trained, Tommy gets his first potty emergency and it feels weird to him as it's his first one. He doesn't recognise it until Didi puts him on the potty.
** He gets another one in the second potty-training-related chapter while outside in the sandbox.
** He later gets one while being threatened by Timmy [=McNulty=].
** He also has one upon waking up from a nightmare, the first time he actually used his potty.
** He gets one while in the car in the first "Tommy's Fear", which doesn't go too well.
** He gets one when he first gets his cast, resulting in PottyFailure.
** In the second "Tommy's Fear", he has one in the woods, which leads to NatureTinkling.
* PottyFailure: The result of Tommy's first potty emergency, because he thought he didn't have to go anymore.
** It happens again in the chapter after that, for the same reason.
** And later, when the [=McNulty=] boys are bullying him.
** He also gets one when he sees Didi watering the plants, however, it goes away when the water dries up.
** He also wets his pants in Grandpa Lou's car in the first "Tommy's Fear".
** He also wets himself when he has amnesia.
** Tommy also wets himself when he first gets his cast.
* PunnyName: Just like in the series, Tommy's brother is Dil Pickles.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Dil to Angelica in "Tommy's Fear"
--> '''Dil''': "This is all your fault Yucky, if you didn't try to make him gets in the water this never would of happened! Now my onlyest brother had to go to the hopsicle and now he can't even remembers me and even worser he's acting like a baby, baby!"
* TheRival: The [=McNulty=] boys are still the Rugrats' rivals.
* SayMyName: Tommy's first word was a name: Reptar.
* TheScottishTrope: In "Tommy Talks", Tommy says his first word (Reptar) while at the store upon seeing Reptar cereal. However, Grandpa Lou and Grandma Lulu disallow the cereal, leading Tommy to throw a tantrum and be put in timeout. Then, he, Dil, the Finsters and the [=DeVilles=] go to see a Goober the Gopher movie, but Tommy wants to see a Reptar movie and shouts out Reptar's name while having a tantrum, leading them to have to go home and his friends to be mad at him to the point of not speaking to him. Tommy then makes an association that both times he said Reptar's name, things went awry so he thought that saying Reptar's name was bad luck. Then, after having a nightmare about Angelica making Reptar disappear, he believes Reptar would disappear if he said his name.
* ShoutOut: Savannah likes ''WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer''
* ShowWithinAShow: Just like in canon, there's ''Reptar the Dinosaur'', ''Goober the Gopher'' and ''Dummi Bears''.
* TheShrink: Dr Lipschitz is still Didi's child psychologist.
* ShrinkingViolet: Timmy-Ray's little sister Julianna, aka Jill, is quite shy.
* SiblingRivalry: When Tommy is scared of water (but has recovered from amnesia), he and Dil have a fight which leads Stu to think Tommy is going through his terrible twos, which scares Tommy as he fears he will turn into a terrible person.
** Later, Tommy gets mad at Dil and thinks it's his fault for getting stuck leading him to hurt his broken leg and have to stay off it for twelve weeks.
** When Tommy has a cold, he snaps at Dil and breaks his Goober the Gopher toy and Dil calls him the worst big brother and breaks his Reptar toy. Both feel bad about it afterwards.
* SickEpisode: In the chapter "Another Family Reunion", Cousin Tony catches a cold. In "Tommy Catches a Cold", Tommy catches one. Eventually, Phil and Lil catch Tommy's cold. Paula and Scott's original ring bearer also gets the flu.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: Gloria's nickname is "The Bumblebee".
* ThirdPersonPerson: Didi occasionally refers to herself in the third person as "Mommy" when talking to her children.
* TimeOut: Tommy gets a timeout after he hits Angelica and later after he has a tantrum in the store.
* TimeSkip: The fic is set a year after the show.
* ToiletTrainingPlot: "Tommy vs the Potty" focuses on Tommy's potty-training.
* TheTokyoFireball: The city Reptar is destroying when he has amnesia in the movie is Tokyo.
* TrademarkFavouriteFood: Angelica still loves cookies.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: In "Tommy's Fear", Tommy develops a fear of water.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Tommy and Stu both have purple hair and Paula has green hair.
* YouKeepUsingThatWord: Lulu refers to herself as Lou's "husband" in "Tommy Catches a Cold", but she's a woman, so she's really his "wife".
* YouNoTakeCandle: Sometimes, due to BabyTalk or a spelling/grammar mistake in the writing, there will be moments of this. However, it is pretty legible.

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