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This is the Drinking Game for SNK's The King Of Fighters series. It is currently a WIP.


Take a drink:
*Every time Kyo and Iori face off.
**Two if someone tries to break it up.
**Three if it's Shingo or Chizuru.
*Every time Benimaru flirts with a female character.
**If it's with Kula, finish the bottle so you can forget.
*Every time Kensou declares his love for Athena.
**Two if she outright rejects him.
*Every time the tournament gets hijacked by the arc villain.
**Down your bottle if that plot gets hijacked by Rugal.
**Down a new one if it gets hijacked by Orochi.
*Every time Ramon gets googly eyes for Vanessa.
*Every time someone speaks in {{Engrish}}. Make sure to have an ambulance on standby.
*Down the bottle in victory if you manage to beat a boss. [[SNKBoss You earned it.]]

!!Character-Specific (Only do if you're playing as the character)

Take a drink:
*Every time Shingo gets a critical hit.
**Down two if there's flames.
**Down three if there's a FaceFault.
*Every time Chin drinks, you drink.
*Every time Geese says "PREDICTABO! as he counters.
*Every time Yamazaki uses his right hand.

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