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[[caption-width-right:350:Yes, this is happening.]]

Juno Birch is a stunning human woman.\\
Juno Birch (born December 25, 1993) is also a British drag queen, [=YouTuber=] and sculptor, based in Manchester, whose iconic (and stunning) style is best described as "an extraterrestrial who came to Earth in the '60s and is now masquerading as an American housewife". Her [=YouTube=] videos mostly consist of make-up tutorials to recreate her looks and LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/TheSims''.

!!Yes, these are Juno Birch's tropes and they are stunning.

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Her usual style includes a pastel-coloured foundation all over her face and neck, like pink or baby blue.
* AmbiguousGenderIdentity: Her ceramic sculptures play up the element of gender ambiguity, like visible Adam's apples or beard stubble, referencing Juno's status as a trans woman.
* ButtMonkey: Joy Despret in her ''VideoGame/TheSims'' is regularly abused, imprisoned and killed.
* {{Catchphrase}}:
** ''Stunning!''
** ''Yes, this is happening.''
* {{Cosplay}}: She has occasionally performed as the Martian Girl from ''Film/MarsAttacks'', sliding walk and all.
* DragQueen: Juno's drag is a very specific (not to mention [[RunningGag stunning]]) style of camp.
* HughMann: Her drag persona is an alien masquerading as a human housewife, despite her pastel-coloured skin and general odd demeanor obviously giving her away.
* InsistentTerminology: Kristen Singles is a ''Lobster Thermidor snatching wench''.
* {{Retraux}}: Her style is inspired by the '60s American domestic aesthetic, and her backgrounds for her [=YouTube=] videos are a variety of decade-accurate home décor.
* ScareChord: Always plays in her make-up videos when she takes off her sunglasses, zooming on her wide-open eyes for several seconds.
* SignatureStyle: Pastel-coloured skin, oval sunglasses, blonde SixtiesHair and yellow rubber gloves with painted-on nails.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Not Juno's, but Kristen Singles's from ''VideoGame/TheSims'' is Lobster Thermidor, so much that she tries to steal it at any occasion.
* UncannyValley:
** Juno's sculptures are mostly portraits of women (often self-portraits), with exaggerated body parts such as breasts and lips.
** Kristen Singles in ''VideoGame/TheSims2'' has shrunken eyes and nose and enlarged lips, giving her a very unsettling appearance.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: Just ask Joy Despret.


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