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Jack Andrew Lowden (born 1990) is a Scottish actor. He mainly began his career acting in theater before making his film debut in ''Film/SeventyOne''. He played golfing legend Young Tom Morris in ''Film/TommysHonor'' and [[Literature/WarAndPeace Nikolai Rostov]] in ''Series/WarAndPeace2016''. He also appeared in ''Film/{{Dunkirk}}'' as Collins, wingman to Creator/TomHardy's Farrier, and as Lord Darnley in ''Film/MaryQueenOfScots2018''.

* ''Series/TheTunnel'' (2013): Adam Roebuck
* ''Film/SeventyOne'' (2014): Thompson
* ''Film/TommysHonor'' (2015): Young Tom Morris
* ''Series/{{War And Peace|2016}}'': Nikolai Rostov
* ''Film/{{Dunkirk}}'' (2017): Collins
* ''Film/EnglandIsMine'' (2017): [[Music/TheSmiths Morrissey]]
* ''Film/{{Calibre}}'' (2018): Vaughn
* ''Film/{{Mary Queen Of Scots|2018}}'' (2018): Lord Darnley
* ''Film/FightingWithMyFamily'' (2019): Zak Bevis/Zak Zodiac

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