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Characters that appear in Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance. [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters There are so many]] that they occupy several pages. This page is for all of the members and factions of the Grand Alliance in the Third Age.

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!Contains spoilers. You have been warned.


!Grand Alliance

[[folder:Blades of Vigilance]]

::'''Axikasha "Ax" Keiran'''
-->''"This scar is mine to bear. A reminder of my crimes, my mistakes. It stays."''

A feisty, scarred warrior who has a rather complex romantic life and who wields the magic blade Dawn. She is one of the prominent members of the Alliance and often the voice of reason as well as a strategist who isn't afraid to play dirty if needed. She drinks often and has a short temper but is a competent leader who is trusted by her comrades.

Associated tropes:
* ActionGirl: Ax is a spunky example of one.
* AmplifierArtifact: Ax's magic sword Dawn is very effective against minions of the God of War.
* AttemptedRape: Happens to her thrice.
** The first two times Ax's comrade [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Refan]], who takes on a demonic form during two particularly tough battles against powerful enemies, can't control his demonic impulses and shows his desire for Ax by trying to take her by force although in both cases his attempt is foiled and [[BlackComedyRape it's mostly played for laughs]] considering how Refan ends up kicked in the balls rather painfully by Ax and is knocked unconscious by Ax's allies later. Ax, although shaken, understands that this was the darker, demonic side of Refan acting up and doesn't hold a grudge against him because his unleashed powers were out of his control.
** However, the third rape attempt is played straight for all the horror and drama that comes with it when Sultan [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Khalid]], who ends up manipulated by the demoness Lust's magic which fuels his desire for Ax with whom he's been travelling and growing close to, tries to rape Ax while they're having a bath together. Ax manages to injure Khalid who then snaps out of the trance, and he immediately realizes to his horror what he almost did to Ax and apologizes to her because this kind of action goes against the very warrior's code which he follows. Ax, however, is horrified and angry at Khalid for what he nearly did and for betraying her trust, and she begins seeing him in a new light as a manipulator who is only using people for his own ends. She denounces him while leaving the scene despite Khalid begging for her to stay to at least hear him out. Ultimately Khalid, not aware of Lust's involvement in the attempt, still takes the blame for himself because he believes he was fully at fault, and he lets Ax leave, believing that the only way he can atone for what he almost did is let her go of his life and renounce their political marriage even though it will have catastrophic political consequences for him and his sultanate.
* BiTheWay: Although Ax certainly has had many close encounters with men, she has also had feelings for Queen Shyla of Libaterra, which led her to help Shyla during the Libaterran Civil War.
* BodyguardCrush: Heavily implied by her dialogue with Queen Shyla when she acted as her bodyguard. She sometimes dreams of her and when she finds out Shyla might still be alive, she is quite torn about the fact.
* TheCaptain: She used to be one during the Libaterran Civil War. Lately she's been leading the Blades of Vigilance, a group of knights and mages who wish to hamper the evil Totenkopfs' plans in any way possible.
* ChildhoodFriend: With Viirsa.
* CoolHorse: She used to have Widowmaker aka Dubya until the horse was fatally injured in battle.
* CoolSword: Dawn.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: This in part leads her to tag along as a bodyguard for Shyla and later makes her join the Alliance and form the Blades of Vigilance.
* DrowningMySorrows: Since she's living in a rather messed-up romantic drama (not to mention the brutality of the war in general), she does this often.
* HearingVoices: At one point she heard voices of the dead in her head thanks to her home tribe's spiritual ability. However, she hasn't heard the voices much since the Cataclysm although it is unclear whether the ability has weakened or her mind has grown more resistant in the ensuing years.
* TheLadette: ''Very'' much so. She drinks, curses, acts and fights dirty, talks casually to higher ups and even gods and flirts with many guys and girls. However, this boisterous and seemingly carefree attitude masks the fact that she has lived a hard life with many tragic choices which have wounded her but which she refuse to tell others except on a select few occasions.
* LoveTriangle: With Khalid, Marcus, and Refan. She had it rough, particularly because she was forced to marry one of those three. And let's not add her [[LesYay lingering feelings for Shyla]] into the equation...
* MixedAncestry: She's half-Sinlarine.
* ParentalSubstitute: Ax has been taking care of her friend Viirsa's daughter Kaisa.
* ReasoningWithGod: She does this to Shakkan, the God of Beasts, and convinces him to spare her companions in exchange for offering his people, the Sirithai, a chance to expand their territory and strike at those who have been persecuting them.
* ScarsAreForever: Ax has a nasty scar in her face. Although she could go to the white mages to heal it, she chooses to keep it as a reminder of her past mistakes.
* SelfMadeOrphan: She killed her father Arthaniel during a battle when they found themselves on the opposite sides of the Libaterran Civil War. It was during this duel that she received her infamous scar.
* TrashTalk: Ax tends to resort to this whenever she fights.
* WreckedWeapon: Ax's sword Dawn shatters during the clash with the ice elemental, and it takes until the adventure in the Ruined Kingdom when the god Hephaestus restores the sword to its former shape.

::'''Kaisa Blackwell'''

A girl who lost her parents during the Great War and was raised by likable albeit swearing pirates. She has a foul mouth but has calmed down considerably since she began training to become a white mage. She is one of the few Alliance members to truly show compassion, a trait which made her befriend and tame a dire wolf which became her guardian pet. However, she eventually decides to side with Helena the Grey who's revealed to be her aunt, and she later meets up with her long-lost father Hector who wishes to raise him to make up for lost time, making things rather confusing for Kaisa who's at the same time trying to master her abilities as a mage.

Associated tropes:
* TheBeastmaster: She is able to tame a full-grown dire wolf to become her pet by showing kindness to him. It later turns out that the ability to tame beasts [[InTheBlood runs in the Yuriev family]].
* CoolPet: She has had a dire wolf named Liulfr as a pet ever since she tamed him during the Alliance's adventure in the Tronin Desert.
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: Implied in the story. She has had weird dreams of events that haven't taken place yet, but it's unclear as of now whether the dreams should be interpreted literally or figuratively.
* LongLostRelative: She turns out to be the niece of Helena the Grey who is revealed to be Viirsa's long-lost sister.
* MouthyKid: She swears like a sailor. She grew among feisty pirates, after all.
* ParentalAbandonment: Her mom died giving birth to her, and her dad is nowhere to be found. Things change, however, when Hector does show up and asks her to come with her so they can attempt to resurrect her mother together. Needless to say, she's rather confused and angry at him for only showing up now after all these years.
* PluckyGirl: Very much so.
* WhiteMagic: She has begun using such spells lately although she's beginning to veer more towards being more of a red mage.

::'''Natsumi Amuro'''

A former member of the Blades. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceThree here]].

::'''Rhylian Loras'''
-->''"We've lived in isolation long enough. I can't stay here any longer, watching our people fade away one by one."''

An elven archer who left her forest home to search for a cure to the Blood Fever, a fatal disease that affects elves. Although distrustful of humans at first, she eventually befriended many of them and opened up considerably. She is determined and isn't afraid to speak her mind when she thinks someone is being wronged.

Associated tropes:
* DefrostingIceQueen: Rhylian is suspicious of humans at first but her time with them as well as her growing feeligs for Nesa slowly turn her more friendly and social.
* FindTheCure: Rhylian's quest in a nutshell.
* ForestRanger: She watches over the woods of her elven kind and is skilled in the use of the bow. Even after she leaves her forest behind, she acts in a ranger like manner, constantly keeping an eye out on wildlife and eavesdropping on people's conversations to find clues.
* OurElvesAreBetter
* TyphoidMary: While staying in [[TheMagocracy Alent]], [[ForestRanger Rhylian]] learns that she is a symptomless carrier of the [[MysticalPlague Blood Fever]] and has thus infected several of her elven kin with the fatal disease throughout her journey.
-->'''Waldheim''': My lady...everything I suspected--everything I feared--has proven to be correct. It wasn't Nesa that infected Killian or Nalaen, or that poor elf in Vanna, or...probably countless others elsewhere. And now, an ever-growing number here in Alent. It was you. It...''is'' you.
-->'''Rhylian''': No. You're wrong, Waldheim. How can this be? I've never been sick, how can...? No...
-->'''Waldheim''': I'm sorry, Rhylian. But these samples...the exact strain of the virus in Nalaen's and Killian's blood is the same one that's in your blood. I suspect you contracted the disease long ago, certainly before you left Sanae. But instead of suffering the sickness that affects instead became an infectious, symptomless carrier. And I can see in your eyes that you've suspected it yourself for some time, but have been too afraid to face the truth.

::'''Signan Weinstein'''

A former Lieutenant and co-leader of the Blades. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceThree here]].

::'''Vaetris Redfield'''

A former Lieutenant and co-leader of the Blades. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceThree here]].

[[folder:Church of the Memory of Cardia]]

::'''Jonathan Ferron'''
-->''"Your opinion has no weight."''

A man with ambition who is willing to do whatever necessary to reach his goals. He used to be a cleric of Mardük until he was betrayed. After that he played a game of deception and used both heroes and villains for his own ends while pretending to work for both. In the end his plans backfired spectacularly but he still managed to become the head of a powerful church. His plans for taking over Remon through politics failed thanks to the Proninist invasion and he decided to travel around with the Alliance with hopes of finding something with which to advance his complex plans. Although he and many members of the Alliance distrust each other, he's secretly torn between being a true ally of the Alliance and the exploiter of heroes in a quest for power. It doesn't stop him from trying to take advantage of people every now and then, though, when it suits his needs.

Associated tropes:
* AvengingTheVillain: Ferron initially plotted to kill Refan who had killed Ferron's loved one Dorecia. However, he got over this obsession over time even though he's still bitter about it and hasn't forgiven Refan.
* BecomingTheMask: He nearly ended up like this as he learned to like many of his teammates during the Great War while posing as a good guy. However, in the end he chose to subvert this development and betrayed them for the sake of revenge and most heroes who witnessed said event ended up dead. It's something that still troubles him although he's kept his feelings about it bottled inside.
* FalseFriend: He is this to Refan during the Great War, making him trust him while in fact plotting against him and the Alliance. It was all part of a plan to have revenge on both Refan and the Clergy of Mardük.
* MagicKnight: Although skilled in swordplay, Ferron is also well versed in magic.
* ManipulativeBastard: He knows how to influence people by pulling the right strings.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Many heroes in the Alliance know of Ferron's dark past and don't trust him but they know his importance for keeping peace in Remonton and can't just kill him. He's also shown himself to be a capable teammate whose knowledge of the dark arts has often helped the heroes in tight spots. However, he's working for the heroes only for his own gain and plans to get rid of them when the time is right.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: He became the high cleric of the Church of the Memory of Cardia and is a highly respected man in Remon. If the Proninists and Marcus hadn't come to cause trouble simultaneously, he would've become the Steward of Remonton and eventually a tyrant of the entire country.

::'''Unithien Earthhaven'''

A white mage and a former member of the Clergy of Cardia. For more information, see [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceTwo here]].

[[folder:Clergy of Shakkan]]

::'''Qadohi of the Tongue'''
-->''"Although all of us wish for peace, sometimes we must fight to make it happen."''

The spiritual leader of the [[LizardFolk Sirithai]], Qadohi of the Tongue is a stern but reasonable high cleric who is devoted to serving the god Shakkan. Although appearing as an antagonist at first, she quickly warmed up to the heroes of the Grand Alliance when she saw their bravery and determination first hand. She eventually joined the Alliance with her people, helping the Alliance save Vanna from nefarious plotters. After the siege of Vanna, she remained in the desert with her people to do what she can to disrupt the demons' activities in the region.

Associated tropes:
* AntiHero: She works for the Alliance and has fought against dark forces, but her people are more than happy to devour captives and are prepared to fight against the Alliance too if the heroes ever try to take back their word to let them spread over the Tronin Desert.
* HighPriest: She is the Tlatoani, a high cleric of the Clergy of Shakkan, and is utterly devoted to the God of Beasts.
* LizardFolk
* MamaBear: She will stop at nothing to keep her race safe.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She's the high cleric of her people and is willing to listen to people.
* {{Sssssnaketalk}}: She talks like this when she's excited.

::'''Xolkai of the Claw'''
-->''"Arrogance will be a warrior's ultimate downfall. Arrogance, and refusal to change."''

The military leader of the [[LizardFolk Sirithai]], Xolkai of the Claw is the son of Tlatoani Qadohi. Initially hostile towards all humans, he changed his views when he saw the earnest actions of the Alliance and realized the peoples of the desert need to work together if they are to survive the dark times. After the siege of Vanna, he's been travelling with the Alliance as an emissary of his race.

Associated tropes:
* AntiHero: He won't hesitate to kill the helpless if it serves his cause but for now he deems the Alliance and Sarquil as allies.
* LizardFolk
* {{Sssssnaketalk}}: He talks like this when he's excited.
* WarriorPoet: He has surprisingly enough shown signs of this at late, turning out to be more intelligent and perceptive than the Alliance had originally given him credit for.

[[folder:Maar Sul Loyalists]]

::'''Ademar Wisteria'''
-->''"A leader has to be hard, to make the decisions that need to be made. If you get a reputation for being soft on treason, you're inviting it to occur regularly."''

The current Chancellor of Maar Sul and the brother of Alistair, he acts as King Gerard's closest advisor on matters of state. He's devoted to the Aurelac monarchy and will do everything in his power to put an end to the Proninist menace in the kingdom.

Associated tropes:
* TheGoodChancellor: He's a loyal and competent ally of the Alliance and uses his position to help his comrades in any way he can although he focuses most of his effort on keeping Maar Sul in one piece in the devastating war.

::'''Alistair Wisteria'''
-->''"It's my business to know things."''

The former Director of SAVAGE's Covert Ops and brother of Ademar, he's a no-nonsense man with observant eyes who accompanied Leon on a journey to the Silverbranch Tree. He's knowledgeable about many things and is devoted to the Aurelac monarchy.

Associated tropes:
* TheSpymaster: He used to be the Director of SAVAGE's Covert Ops until he left with Leon's group to locate the Silverbranch Tree. He's quite knowledgeable about many people, knowing things most people didn't know even existed.

::'''Amarawyn Jardine'''
-->''"I will see that my father's legacy is carried on. Jardine will prosper once more if I have anything to say about it."''

The ruler of the city of Jardine and head of the Jardine Corporation after her parents were killed in a short-lived Proninist coup. She was later targeted by her family's [[FeudingFamilies rivals]], the Matheson Crime Family, who forced her to marry Galeras Matheson in order to keep the city safe. She ended up locked up in her mansion until she received aid from the Alliance which helped her regain control of her city once more. Since then she's done her best to support the Alliance and thwart the Mathesons' schemes.

Associated tropes:
* DamselInDistress: She ends up in this role when Galeras blackmails her to marry him and then he locks her up in her own mansion.
* HonestCorporateExecutive: She's the head of the Jardine Corporation, one of the wealthiest and most influential corporations in Maar Sul, which is why the city is named after her family, the House of Jardine. She may be a tough strategist but isn't willing to go to as low lengths to earn profit as her rivals, the Mathesons, do.
* MysteriousInformant: She uses the abbreviation AJ during the Proninist takeover of Jardine and provides the Alliance's army with key information about what locations to target in order to cripple the Proninist leadership efficiently. The Alliance's leaders are somewhat surprised when they found out that the informant turns out to be a noblewoman.
* ProperLady: She wears beautiful yet simple dresses and acts according to etiquette according to her status as a young noblewoman. After her parents' demise she's had to step up her game so that she can continue the Jardine legacy although she's still learning the ways of an IronLady in the business world.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She's sympathetic to the Alliance and is willing to hear most viewpoints from various people and offer them aid if needed (as long as you're not a Matheson).

::'''Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli'''
-->''"It's time to...clean house!"''

A Detective-Lieutenant of the Royal Citadel Mounted Police of Maar Sul City, he ends up in the middle of a conspiracy involving several shady parties when he tries to uncover the truth behind the mysterious murder of Belial de Ardyn. His investigations take him deep into Coalition territory where he learns shocking facts, and he does his best to survive before the conspirators find out he knows more about their schemes than he should.

Associated tropes:
* ByTheBookCop: He is an honest officer who tries to bring criminals to justice. However, after he realized that part of the Maar Sulais police force has corrupt cops in key positions, he distances himself from his comrades and goes on a solo mission to uncover the truth and expose the criminals within the system.
* PrivateDetective: He ends up as a detective when he goes on a solo assignment to uncover the mystery behind the murder of Belial de Ardyn.

::'''Briss Phoenixheart'''

An opportunistic mystic knight who ends up joining the Maar Sulais fellowship and escorts them to the Silverbranch Tree. During his travels he catches the attention of the Totenkopfs and finds out about the threat that Glaurung poses. After the battle of Vanna he frees Sultana Adela from prison and escorts her to the Coalition base in hopes of gaining their trust and figuring out Glaurung's plans.

Associated tropes:
* CoolSword: Shadame.
* FakeDefector: He pretends to join the Coalition in order to get closer to the Coalition's top brass. However, after he met with Tiyana, it's become unclear if he's really considering to leave the Alliance and join the Coalition for real.
* MagicKnight: He's quite good at using both spells and the sword.

::'''Despard Silverbranch'''
-->''"I will find out who I am, my Lord King, I promise you. And I hope for your sake that we are not enemies."''

Also known as Steve the Nameless. An enigmatic knight who suffers from amnesia and is in search of his identity. He becomes a friendly rival with the Scundian king Khasra, and their antics escalate into a prank war. He later finds out that he's in fact Despard Silverbranch, a famous warrior from the past whose spirit has ended up in a host body.

Associated tropes:
* BodySnatcher: He was a spirit in the land of the dead and was moved by a dying soldier's loyalty to a fallen king. He wished to prevent the soldier from dying but ended up in the soldier's body. This event gave him amnesia and also caused some unforseen consequences which gave the forces of Darkness a gateway to the mortal realm.
* DeathAmnesia: Despard ended up amnesiac after his spirit occupied a body that wasn't his. It took intervention from his brother's spirit at the Silverbranch Tree a decade later to finally restore the memories of his past life.
* DeadpanSnarker: He is very good with words and is constantly having verbal duels with Khasra.
* IdentityAmnesia: He has this and calls himself Steve until he regains his memories and true identity at the Silverbranch Tree.
* QuestForIdentity: This is his main motivation as Steve; he feels he must've been someone important but can't remember anything else. It all changes once the truth is revealed to him at the Silverbranch Tree...
* WithFriendsLikeThese: Khasra and the Maar Sulais armsmaster Steve really don't get along and pull brutal pranks on one another which culminates in Khasra getting syphilis from Steve's wife (which turns out to have been Steve's master plan all along). Once it's revealed that Steve is in fact the reborn Despard Silverbranch, the two men set aside their differences although they still occasionally joke on the other's expense.

::'''Elena Jeremy'''

King Gerard's girlfriend and his future queen if their courtship goes as planned. A shy girl from the House of Jeremy which rules the city of Hellespont, she has shown herself to be a good and kind leader who wishes for nothing more than to restore peace to Maar Sul and lead the kingdom to prosperity.

Associated tropes:
* BlackGalOnWhiteGuyDrama: Although most Maar Sulais are open to diverse relationships where colour is no issue, Elena still ends up being called a n*** (with asterisks) by Scuns who are politically incorrect and racist and who can't believe why a white king would ever date a black woman. This understandably upsets Elena and Gerard.
* GirlNextDoor: Is this to King Gerard.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She's quite lenient, but the Maar Sulais nobles often have to remind her that she needs to be more strict lest people start thinking that she's weak and unfit to rule. The poor girl just can't catch a break but she does try her best.

::'''Gerard Aurelac de Maar Sul'''
-->''"Tomorrow, the Proninists will reach the city. Tomorrow, they will seek to destroy a nation older than time. Tomorrow, they will seek to put to death the last remnants of a free and independent Scundia, who have been our peaceful neighbors for so long. And tomorrow... THEY SHALL FAIL!"''

The young and wise king of Maar Sul who can shapeshift into a wolf at will. He successfully defended Maar Sul City from the Proninist invasion but was later kidnapped by the Grey Cult. He eventually managed to break free and is currently on his way home.

Associated tropes:
* AChildShallLeadThem: He's close to being 15 and he's already a warrior king.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He's a king and kicks ass. He isn't afraid to be on the frontlines if needed.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: He can shapeshift into a wolf.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: He's very wise for his age thanks to his tutors.

::'''Leon Alcibiates'''
-->''"Hear me, spirit of Hiroshi Hayabusa! I will keep my word to you! I have found a cause! I vow, with you as my eternal witness, that I shall put a stop to the strife in the nation of Manster! Whatever the cost to myself, I shall make an end of Yurius! This I swear!"''

A bisexual bard who has a rather tangled past. Born as a half-god bastard and shunned by ''both'' of his parents, he sets out to travel around the world to find a cause to fight for. He eventually learns to harness his divine powers and grows rather competent but at the cost of having prophecies of nasty things which he can't prevent no matter what he does. He is slain by the warlock Arawn Losstarot but is later resurrected--this time as a full human--to act as a messenger of Order. He becomes a mentor of the kings Marcus Sarillius and Gerard Aurelac and is one of the founders of the new Grand Alliance.

Associated tropes:
* AbusiveParents: His dad Bors beat him up when he found out Leon was bi and emotionally tortured him for years until he finally disowned him. His mother Artemicia is even worse: when Leon prayed for her help, she ''poisoned'' him for bothering her.
* BackFromTheDead: He is ressurected a thousand years after he was slain because he is the only one who can find the wielder of the Silver Branch.
* BigBrotherMentor: Becomes this to Marcus and Gerard although his ways of guiding them are rather subtle and not at all violent even when the two men make mistakes.
* BiTheWay: This leads to heartbreaking decision when Leon has to choose between Miyuki and Ryoji.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Leon does this to his mentor Taliesin when he finds out that Taliesin has been manipulating him. The same approach backfires spectacularly when he confronts his divine mother Artemicia.
* TheChick: Leon's role in adventuring parties.
* {{Cincinnatus}}: Leon abdicates the throne of Maar Sul as soon as Gerard is ready to take the throne. He's happy to get rid of such a huge burden and pass it over as he prefers the life of a bard.
* DivineParentage: Leon is the bastard son of the goddess Artemicia.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Leon has rather feminine looks and is sometimes mistaken for a woman.
* HeroicBastard: Duh.
* RageAgainstTheMentor: He does this to Taliesin when he finds out that Taliesin has been using him.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Leon is older than he looks thanks to his time as an Andain and his resurrection which took place hundreds of years later.
* SelfFulfillingProphecy: Leon's actions to prevent his vision of the evil mage Arawn disrupting the peace negotiations end up causing Arawn to show up in the negotiations in the first place.
* SquishyWizard: Becomes this for a while when he finally learns to use all of his divine magic. Although it's effective against lesser foes, in the end it's still no match against Arawn.
* WanderingMinstrel: Leon's primary occupation until he becomes a prince of Maar Sul.

::'''Siobrach Wisteria'''

Current Director of SAVAGE's Covert Ops and an excellent spymaster overall who is even better in her line of work than Alistair was. She is married to Ademar.

Associated tropes:
* TheSpymaster: She becomes the new Director of SAVAGE's Covert Ops after her brother-in-law Alistair leaves with Leon on a journey and she turns out to be even better at it than Alistair had ever been.

[[folder:Remon Loyalists]]

::'''Daventhalas "Daven" de Mont Hault'''

A Lefein engineer who was cursed by the gods to become a mute as well as suffer from amnesia which occurs every morning. He acts as a surrogate big brother to Refan and Nalaen and is an old friend of Leon. The curse is eventually removed from him but with the price of Nalaen's death, a fact that keeps haunting him.

Associated tropes:
* CynicismCatalyst: He lost his friend Nalaen in Vanna, something that still haunts him.
* TheEngineer: Daven's profession.
* LastOfHisKind: For a long time he thinks he's the last survivor of his race after his people and their god Paedün have been locked away by Nergal. Then he finds out that [[ManipulativeBastard Koschei Dravaris]] is [[ThereIsAnother another surviving Lefein]]...
* Really700YearsOld: Although he resembles a human male, he's actually a Lefein who has lived several millennia.
* TheQuietOne: He turns into this after the Battle of Vanna. When he actually talks, his words have weight and meaning.
* TheSpeechless: After he was cursed by the gods, he had to live as a mute for a very long time. It wasn't until the Battle of Vanna that he regained his voice albeit with a great, unforeseen sacrifice of his dear friend Nalaen.

::'''Marcus Sarillius'''
-->''"I finally know who I am! I'm a paladin from Graves Hall. I'm a cleric of Hephaestus. I'm the Chosen One of Cardia. I'm the hero of the Grand Alliance. I'm the Wielder of Dusk. I'm the King of Remon. But above any of those I'm Marcus Sarillius, and I will not let any of my friends die!"''

A righteous paladin who became the king of Remon. He is also the leader of the Grand Alliance and the chosen wielder of the magic blade Dusk. Although he means well, his idealism and naive outlook on life often lead him into trouble from which his friends have to save him.

Associated tropes:
* AmplifierArtifact: Marcus's sword Dusk is very effective against the minions of Mardük, the God of Chaos.
* CoolSword: Dusk, again.
* HonorBeforeReason: Marcus's thought process in a nutshell.
* KnightInShiningArmor: Marcus is a shining example of this until he is forced to act as various villains' pawn.
* MindRape: This is how Shyralis keeps Marcus in line and uses him as her pawn during the Godslayer arc while ostensibly serving as Marcus's advisor. Marcus later manages to free himself from Shyralis's power and intends to set things right but time will tell how the confrontation between him and Shyralis will play out.
* ThePaladin: Very much so. He can be quite clueless to things at times. And he's still a virgin.
* RightfulKingReturns: The plot of his adventures, ''twice''. It was he who formed the Grand Alliance and sparked the Great War, and later he was instrumental in forming a new Alliance to fight against the Coalition after the Cataclysm.
* RoyalBlood: The spirits of the dead reveal that Marcus is the long-lost descendant of the late king Agarwaen.
* SecretLegacy: Marcus is related to the late king Agarwaen by blood which gives him the divine right to become the King of Remon.

::'''Skye d'Zarnagon'''

A cheerful yet determined warrior and wife of Refan. Despite losing her village and most of her friends when she joined the Alliance, she has refused to give in to despair. She loves her husband and son dearly and wants nothing more than to live happily with them although she is still willing to fight for what is good in the world. She has uncharacteristically showed true concern for the first time when she found out about Refan's betrayal of the Alliance, but she is nevertheless determined to set things right again one way or another. She aided Dylas for a while until she learned the truth of his evil, after which she sided once more with the Alliance.

Associated tropes:
* ActionMom: She cares for her family deeply, going so far as to save her son from the undead as well as travelling to the ends of the earth to find her missing husband.
* BattleCouple: She and Refan were this when they were together. After the events in Remon during the Godslayer Era they get separated for a while. When they're finally reunited, Refan has already succumbed to the demonic instincts within, leaving Skye at a loss to if she can make him see the light again and restore their battle couple status.
* CuteBruiser: She looks quite fragile but is very effective in combat. Beware the nice ones, indeed.
* MamaBear: Threaten her son or husband, and you're in for some serious butt-kicking.

[[folder:Scundia Loyalists]]

::'''Khasra Mallorein III'''
-->''"Nothing ventured, nothing gained."''

The adventurous king of Scundia and quite the ladies' man who loves his only daughter Maple dearly. He had a rather intense, prank-centered rivalry with armsmaster Despard but since then the two have become close friends. He's also supposedly destined to play a part in a divine plan centered around the dark god Mardük and has unwillingly become a chaos knight.

Associated tropes:
* BadassBeard: There's a reason people often describe Khasra as 'leonine'.
* BadassNormal: He fought against the shade of a powerful knight in a celestial realm and defeated him, restored hope to the Wailing City of Chaos, stripped demons of their regenerative powers and helped the Akai Tora to take over the strategic location of Vulpengaard Keep from the demon hordes.
* TheCasanova: He really knows how to hit on the ladies and has a pretty telling track record as far as seducing maidens goes.
* CoolSword: Khasra has Morninglight, a sword with magical properties.
* DeadpanSnarker: He does it with style and often.
* PapaWolf: Khasra is extremely protective of his daughter Maple.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: He is the King of Scundia and knows how to kick ass.
* WithFriendsLikeThese: Khasra and the Maar Sulais armsmaster Steve really don't get along and pull brutal pranks on one another which culminates in Khasra getting syphilis from Steve's wife (which turns out to have been Steve's master plan all along). Once it's revealed that Steve is in fact the reborn Despard Silverbranch, the two men set aside their differences although they still occasionally joke on the other's expense.

::'''Maple Mallorein'''
-->''"The world is filled with losers, scum, and Scuns. I mean to clean the piss out of my gene pool!"''

The lovely, vertically challenged Princess of Scundia who is actually scheming to get rid of all the stupid Scuns from her gene pool so that only the wisest Scuns can inherit the kingdom. She secretly aided Pronin in conquering Scundia but later betrayed him when he had served his purpose.

Associated tropes:
* BitchInSheepsClothing: She's a charming princess who is loved by her subjects and who is respected in Maar Sul because of her intelligence. However, she's also plotting genocide of the Scuns in order to turn her people more clever and is willing to go to any lengths to achieve her aims.
* [[TheEvilPrince The Evil Princess]]: She's the Princess of Scundia and very much fanatically extremist in her actions even though the Alliance is so far blissfully unaware of her true nature.
* LittlePeopleAreSurreal: She is a midget, and she uses her looks to her advantage because no one would ever expect a midget to be able to dispose of a master swordsman and plot a genocide of an entire race.
* ManipulativeBastard: She acts all innocent and gullible, which fools many people, including Pronin who never could've imagined that someone like her could actually be a double agent who was intending to betray him from the start.
* VillainTeamUp: She does this with Dark Prince Geraden of Maar Sul. Geraden teaches her magic which she uses to dispose of her enemies and even promises to provide teachers to Scundia to make Scuns more intelligent, and in exchange Maple helps him secure his power base in Eastern Maar Sul and tries to assassinate Glaurung on his behalf.

::'''Titaniel Focker'''
-->''"Everyone just callz me Tit Focker or Mr. T. You can use dat name too az long az ur neither a feg nor a n*****!"''

An ex-Proninist colonel, Titaniel Focker is a loudmouthed drunk and generally as annoying as a Scun can be. Despite this, he's been a surprisingly reliable ally of the Alliance after he joined them and has even helped turn the tide in some conflicts, which has surprised his comrades who often think of him as nothing but a distraction.

Associated tropes:
* DumbMuscle: Very much this although even he has his moments of clarity. At first he speaks in weird slang until he's taught to pronounce and write words properly, after which he becomes more literate... which isn't much by Scun standards.
* HeelFaceTurn: He's initially siding with Proninists until the Alliance bribes his unit with cake, after which he sides with the Alliance and Scun Loyalists for better or for worse.

[[folder:Sultanate of Karaganda]]

::'''Adela al-Jamila bint Meher al-Saif'''

The former Sultana of Vanna. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceTwo here]].

::'''Azriel al-Zarar'''
-->''"We've turned from our ancestors, we've turned from our most ancient traditions, and for what? To allow a foreign clergy conquer our lands? To service the hedonism and ambition of a woman who not only murdered one beloved Sultana of Vanna, but may well be murdering her son as we speak? I will not allow the blight of Adela's reign plague our proud people any more!"''

A frail cleric who is disgusted with his people not following the old ways anymore. He gets his chance for revenge when he's contacted by what appears to be the spirit of the ancient warrior Tronin who grants him incredible powers. He joins the Alliance and openly opposes Adela in the subsequent battle. He doesn't like Khalid that much either, though, because he sees him unworthy to sit on the throne of Vanna. After the siege of Vanna and the exodus to Alent, he becomes the new Grand Vizier of the Sarquil tribes.

Associated tropes:
* CulturedWarrior: Very much so.
* DealWithTheDevil: An interesting example. Azriel is powered up by what he thinks is the famous Sarquil hero Tronin's spirit, but in fact "Tronin" is the demonic Yurius in disguise who is only using Azriel for his own ends.
* DropTheHammer: He uses a war hammer as his main weapon.
* GlassCannon: He can do a lot of damage and perform feats of strength, but his body is still very frail.
* TheGoodChancellor: He becomes the new Grand Vizier of the Sarquil tribes after the previous [[EvilChancellor Grand Vizier Iblis]] has been driven away.
* GoodOldWays: The reason he sides with the heroes to depose Adela is because Adela introduced a new religion which oppressed the old tradition. He wants the good times back.


The former Court Mage of Vanna. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceThree here]].

::'''Iblis al-Djinn'''

The former Grand Vizier of Vanna. For more information, go [[Characters/TheGamersAllianceThree here]].

::'''Ismail the Strong'''
-->''"The shortest path to power may not always be the safest one."''

The captain of the Black Guard of Vanna, he's very protective of Khalid. However, he paid so much attention to the young prince that he neglected his son Razoul who grew bitter, and the relationship between father and son took a long time (and one big battle) to heal. He's a calm and intelligent warrior who never rushes into battle without thinking things through. He prefers to stay in the shadows and observe things from there, a tactic which has turned out to be quite useful many times during the heroes' adventures.

Associated tropes:
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: He definitely counts.
* DuelToTheDeath: Ismail vs. Leraje. Despite a valiant struggle which he almost wins against the greater demon, Ismail eventually fails to fully defeat and pays the ultimate price to give the heroes time to save the Sarquil prisoners from the Northern Horde's camp.
* GeniusBruiser: He's tough and smart. There's a reason why he stayed as a captain of the guard for so long without being replaced.
* GentleGiant: Haunted by his past actions as the captain of the guard, Ismail became a lot more contemplative and nicer in his exile, not even resorting to violence except when ordered or when it became absolutely necessary to protect Belial and Khalid.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique: Ismail isn't afraid of doing this to prisoners especially if his group is in a hurry.
* ScaryBlackMan: He can be quite scary when he wants to but in the end he's actually a pretty nice person who resorts to violence only when absolutely necessary. However, if anyone dares to harm or insult Belial or Khalid...
* SoProudOfYou: Ends up confronting his son and explains that he has always held him in high esteem but was more concerned with raising Khalid who was meant to take the throne of Vanna. Ismail admits the mistake he made for not showing enough love to his son and apologizes while also complementing how strong and determined his son has become.

::'''Khalid al-Rashid bin Razia al-Saif'''
-->''"You're a Libaterran and yet you refuse the call of your homeland when she needs you the most? I thought you were a brave warrior, Axikasha Keiran, and I hoped that your example might inspire my people to fight for their country. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps you're nothing more than a pathetic coward who just wants to run away!"''

The exiled Sarquil prince who reclaimed his throne from his aunt Adela who had once usurped his mother's throne. Easy to anger, he's more than willing to settle disputes with brawn but he's also skilled in using carefully selected words to make people do what he wants. His ruthless quest for the throne of Vanna and the title of Sultan have made some of his allies in the Grand Alliance see him in a new light.

Associated tropes:
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: He ends up doing this to Ax while they're having a bath. At first he was only using her as a political tool in a fake marriage to keep the tribes under his control, but he eventually realized he had actually fallen in love with her. What makes the declaration heartbreaking is that he ultimately lets Ax go because he loves her too much to chain her life to him.
--> '''Khalid''': I'd want nothing more right now than kiss you and take you in my arms, make you bloom like the beautiful and strong desert rose you are and cultivate you, but I don't want to force my feelings on you. You deserve better than that as a fellow, independent warrior. I may damn myself by doing this, but so be it. We've had the cleaning ritual, and we've washed away the past. I set you free, Axikasha Keiran. You're no longer my wife or a Sultana of the Sarquil tribes. You can go find the happiness you deserve. I don't want to be a man in your life who holds you down. I admire and love you too much for letting that to happen.
* CulturedWarrior: He was raised in Maar Sul City where he learned much about culture and how to act in social circles. But he's still a Sarquil at heart and likes fighting.
* DualWielding: He was taught to use dual scimitars by Ismail.
* TheExile: He was exiled from his homeland after the death of his mother. However, he returned years later to reclaim his lost throne from the usurper.
* HotBlooded: He is ''very'' easy to anger.
* LoveTriangle: He's involved in a complex one which deals with Ax, Marcus and Refan.
* LukeIAmYourFather: It turns out that Khalid is in fact the son of Belial.
* MixedAncestry: He's half-Sarquil.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Khalid lives for battle like every other Sarquil.
* [[RightfulKingReturns Rightful Sultan Returns]]: His return and rise to power in Vanna serves as a major plot.
* TakeUpMySword: Khalid continues his father's quest after the latter's demise.

::'''Razoul the Merciless'''
-->''"I am what I am. Someone has to be."''

The seemingly cold, calculating officer of the Black Guard and Ismail's son. Although he first appears as an antagonist who sides with Adela and Iblis against the Alliance, he later reevaluates his position and ends up working for Khalid as a bodyguard and advisor while still acting as a leader of Vanna's military forces. His experience with fighting against demons and mages has come in handy many times, and he has gradually shown a more complex, vulnerable side during his interactions with Rain, a girl who ended up in his life by accident but permanently changed the way he saw the world around him.

Associated tropes:
* BruiserWithASoftCenter: It turns out that despite his cold demeanour Razoul has a sensitive side. This is shown during his interactions with his love interest Rain.
* TheCaptain: He is this prior to the Alliance's takeover of Vanna and becomes it again after Ismail has been slain during the Battle of Vanna. He steps down and makes Vitani the new captain of the Black Guard after he failed to prevent the disastrous Threshold Riot for which he partly blames himself.
* DefrostingIceQueen: He becomes a lot less harsh after he and Rain fall in love. She succeeds in thawing his cold heart and turning him into a better, more caring person over time once she gets past his tough exterior.
* GreenEyedMonster: He became envious of Khalid, which made him join Adela. This improves after some father-and-son talk with Ismail.
* HeelFaceTurn: He ends up siding with the Alliance after realizing that Iblis has been using all of them and that Vanna is about to be invaded by a demon horde.
* MoralityPet: Rain acts as this to him.
* RapeAsDrama: He is seduced and raped by the demoness Lust who makes him cheat on his girlfriend Rain. By the time Razoul realizes the woman he went to bed with is in fact a succubus who has manipulated his emotions all this time and intends to have his flesh for herself, he tries to resist but can't help but both suffer and enjoy the act with her. The rape leaves him as an emotional wreck after he's been saved, not only because of the horrific experience which combined intense pain and pleasure while sleeping with a demon whose kind he's been fighting against all his life, but also because he ended up betraying Rain's trust by sleeping with the disguised succubus and actually enjoying the experience, realizing that his flesh was ultimately too weak to resist temptation and that he's not as strong as a warrior as he should've been.
* ScaryBlackMan: Very much so. He often refers to himself as a monster because he's willing to do what others don't.
* SourSupporter: Although he becomes the heroes' supporter and Khalid's guardian and advisor, he still sees Khalid in a negative light because of Khalid's brash attitude. He's also suspicious of the Alliance even though he can't see any better alternative than working with them for the time being.
* WellDoneSonGuy: He wants the approval of his father and feels his father liked Khalid more than him. He and his father eventually reconcile, but the latter dies not long after.

::'''Vitani the Ferocious'''

A fierce warrior of the Black Guard who lost the father she loved during the Vanna conflict. She blames the [[LizardFolk Sirithai]] and the Alliance for her father's demise and is only grudgingly working with them for the greater good, but anger is slowly consuming her from within.

Associated tropes:
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: She harbors feeligns for her commanding officer Razoul but can't quite spit it out. She dislikes Razoul's girlfriend Rain who she sees as a weakling not worthy of being the strong captain's beloved, and she can't understand what Razoul can possibly see in Rain. She ultimately grows out of it especially when she sees Rain's bravery firsthand and comes to accept that Razoul has made his choice regarding who to love.
* TheCaptain: Becomes the new captain of the Black Guard when Razoul steps down after the disastrous Threshold Riot.
* DaddysGirl: She was very close to her father and was devastated to see him die at the hands of the Alliance and the Sirithai. She has harbored a grudge against both factions ever since, which is slowly clouding her judgement.
* IrrationalHatred: She particularly blames Rhylian and the Sirithai for her father's demise. She grudgingly works with them for the greater good but despite all her experiences she's still torn by her feelings of anger which are slowly boiling within her.
* PraetorianGuard: She's a member of the Black Guard which act as the sultanate's respected warrior caste and palace guard. After the siege of Vanna, she and her unit are mainly focused on protecting Khalid although Vitani herself has sometimes gone elsewhere to protect the sultanate's interests such as during the Dresdens' adventures in Illunii and Etheril when she helped prevent a demon invasion through a magical portal.

[[folder:White Ravens]]

::'''Dylas Rin Theron'''
-->''"I will not let anyone stop me from helping the citizens of Remon realize their dream of a reunified nation."''

An ambitious politician with plans of a strong Remon, he initially seems to help the Alliance albeit his own way but later reveals a much more sinister, arrogant side. He eventually raises an army and begins a civil war in Remon with hopes of dethroning King Marcus as the leader of Remon. His plans fail when the undead invade, however, and he is forced to seek refuge among the elves, after which he tries to continue his political campaign again but with different means than before.

Associated tropes:
* TheAtoner: After the plague of undeath spreads over Remon and puts the civil war which he began to a quick end, Dylas reappears in Folsworth Woods as an amnesiac refugee named Prescott A. Banks. Once he remembers his past identity, he convinces the elves that he wants to atone for his past misdeeds by helping those in need. Whether this is genuine remorse or yet another sinister ploy remains to be seen.
* CynicismCatalyst: Dylas loses his half-brother Amon and uses his death as a means to provoke people to rid Ravensworth of thieves who had kidnapped him. What people don't know, however, is that Dylas himself orchestrated Amon's kidnapping with help from a few thugs and [[MoralEventHorizon poisoned him]] in order to frame said thugs and place the blame of killing Amon on the thieves' guild in Ravensworth. This helped him get rid of dangerous elements in the city, secure the citizens' support, unify and strengthen his growing army with new volunteers as well as see that his half-brother passed over into a "better world" where nothing can harm him anymore.
* TheChessmaster: Dylas hatches elaborate plans to use his opponents for his own ends. He does it while pretending to be said people's loyal ally.
* TurnCoat: He eventually gathers up an army in secret and unleashes a civil war in hopes of taking over Remon while Marcus is abroad fighting the Coalition.

::'''Eric Stevenson'''
-->''"I'm in charge of the Watch now, and what I say goes!"''

The stern and elf-hating captain of the Ravensworth Watch, he is determined and skilled but quite easy to manipulate. Both the Totenkopfs and Dylas have used him for their own ends, and he doesn't hide the fact that he is only interested in the safety of his citizens and keeping Ravensworth under his iron grip. He sees Dylas as a worthy substitute to Marcus.

Associated tropes:
* AntiHero: Very much so. He won't hesitate to kill people messily to ensure Ravensworth's safety but he still sees himself as a heroic protector of his people.
* TheCaptain: He becomes this after he assumes the previous captain Adram has been killed in action. He does everything in his power to live up to the example Adram has shown him.
* TheDragon: He is essentially this to Dylas who manipulates him to his liking.
* FantasticRacism: He despises elves, seeing them as tree-hugging faggots who threaten mankind's survival in Remon.

::'''Nymgrock Sigiln'''
-->''"I've trapped myself in this mess until it gets resolved, my life is no longer my own. It is bound by the fate of Remon."''

A cunning wizard who is initially only interested in seeing a united Remon as well as gathering as much information about the Blood Fever as possible. His callous actions jeopardize the future of the kingdom when he helps spread Dylas's influence, but he later opposes him and learns to trust and even respect the Alliance and its king Marcus Sarillius.

Associated tropes:
* TheAtoner: Once he realizes that he's caused all the mess by siding with Dylas, he decides to try to set things right and save what's left of Remon.
* BlackMagic: He's a skilled black mage.
* DeadpanSnarker: One of his key traits. He can't help mouthing off... even if his opponent happens to be a god or an archmage.
* MoralityPet: Swenson basically acts as this to Nymgrock, his naïve outlook reminding Nymgrock that the people are what matter in the end and that he should be fighting for them.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: When Nymgrock finally realizes how his callous actions have helped Dylas's rise into a prominent threat, caused untold misery to Remon and essentially split the nation in two as well as led in part to the rise of the undead, he nearly suffers a mental breakdown until he resolves to set things right and fix what he can while making amends.
* TookALevelInKindness: He initially treats people with disdain or as his pawns but his time with the heroes (as well as some mind-shattering events) change his perceptive and he becomes more friendly and open.
* ManipulativeBastard: He uses ''everyone'' to reach his goals. No exceptions... even when he's acting more like a good guy.
* OurElvesAreBetter

::'''Swenson von Strupenguard'''

A kind but very naïve and gullible knight-in-training who was manipulated by Dylas for a while until he finally realized he was being used and then began serving Nymgrock and Marcus as a knight errant.

Associated tropes:
* HonorBeforeReason: Swenson believes in chivalry and knightly ideals in general, and more jaded people easily use his beliefs for their own ends, which happened when Dylas manipulated Swenson.
* WideEyedIdealist: He is quite idealistic, always wanting to see good in everything until he comes to realize Dylas has been using him all this time as a pawn.


::'''Dieter von Waldheim'''

An elderly and wise black mage who joins Rhylian on her quest to find a cure to the dreaded Blood Fever. He has been a valuable asset to the Grand Alliance despite his occasionally grumpy attitude.

Associated tropes:
* BlackMagic: He's skilled in black magic.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: He was abused by his mad grandfather when he was a young man until he snapped and killed him. He later lost his wife and daughter to the Blood Fever which he claims motivates his search to find a cure to the fever.
* FindTheCure: Waldheim seeks to find a cure to the Blood Fever, a fatal disease which affects elves. This leads him to join forces with Rhylian who is on the same quest.
* GrumpyOldMan: He can be quite grumpy at times.
* HeadbuttingHeroes: He doesn't really get along with Antigonus and Belial and has verbal spats with them. It has to do with what happened to them when they were younger.
* VampiricDraining: He has the power to drain lifeforce from his enemies. This skill has been put to use a few times.
* TheVonTropeFamily: Dieter ''von Waldheim'' which means in his case ''from/of the Forest Home''. It is quite fitting, considering that he hails from a city near a great forest and is a known friend of elves (even having an elven wife), thus indicating that he sees the elven woods as his ''other'' home. The ''von'' also signifies his status as a baron, thus being above the common Remon citizen.

::'''Fel Ridoon'''
-->''"I suspect this group, including the suspects, to be nothing but dead ends."''

A dwarven detective sent to spy on people who are suspected to be behind the death of Belial de Ardyn. However, after thorough investigations he comes to the conclusions that the suspects were nothing but dead ends, and he returns to Remon where he ends up fighting the invading undead.

Associated tropes:
* OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame: He's a pretty nice guy for a dwarf and not at all stereotypic. Really.
* PrivateDetective: His job.
* PrivateEyeMonologue: This is how he talks. Really.
* StraightGay: He's the lover of Lieutenant Edric Gades.

::'''Izael Korath'''

A half-elven mage with a tragic past. After his brainwashing by a dark clergy he has never been the same anymore. He has worked for various villains in the past until he finally managed to get a grip and begin actively opposing them. His love for Shyralis has helped redeem him although he is still haunted by spectres from the past.

Associated tropes:
* TheAtoner: He's done awful things and wants to atone for his past deeds... but the question remains whether it's genuine or just an act.
* BeingTorturedMakesYouEvil: He was caught by a dark clergy which brainwashed him and turned him evil. It took him a lot of time to recover from that.
* ChildhoodFriend: With Refan.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Just look at him. He's often confused for a woman, and it has even helped him one time during the plot.
* FaceHeelTurn: Has happened to him a few times.
* FriendshipMoment: With Refan before the meeting of Alliance delegates in Remonton during the Godslayer arc.
* HalfHumanHybrid: He's a half-elf.

::'''Jono Renfield'''
-->''"I am Jono Renfield, milady. Blind swordsman for hire, terror of South Remon, greatest lover in all the known world."''

A blind swordsman with a colourful past and a bounty on his head. He rejoins the Alliance after being absent for years, but eventually grows sick of their morals when he sees how they treat a captured boy named Hannibal who happens to be the son of the Alliance's main enemy Glaurung Losstarot. After escorting the boy to Glaurung, he ends up entangled in a demonic plot which doesn't end well for him.

Associated tropes:
* ChivalrousPervert: He really likes to flirt with girls...and ''bed'' them if an opportunity presents itself.
* DeadpanSnarker: He really likes to banter with his enemies ''and'' allies.
* DisabilitySuperpower: He's blind but is compensated by heightened senses (hearing, smell etc.).
* HeroicSafeMode: He does this instead of a HeroicBSOD when he finds out that his love interest Vaetris has in fact been EvilAllAlong and is one of the dreaded archdemons. Despite his efforts he still loses and gets poisoned by demons as a result.

::'''Nesa Mikoto'''

A half-elf paladin who has sworn to help people in need. Quite naïve when he joins the Alliance, he eventually grows up a bit more cynical but is still as determined as ever to do what he feels is right. After having an affair with a goddess, he devotes himself to saving their daughter from anyone who might try to use her for their own gain.

Associated tropes:
* ChivalrousPervert: Nesa is very polite, even shy, but he also has fantasies of threesomes and doesn't mind flirting with girls occasionally.
* CloudCuckooLandersMinder: Nesa's relationship with Ronove during their adventures together.
* DoubleStandardRapeDivineOnMortal: He gets raped by the goddess Hivena who poses as Rhylian. It was part of the goddess's plan to give birth to a half-god. Nesa is understandably not amused when he finds out [[BedTrick he's been tricked]].
* HalfHumanHybrid: He's a half-elf.
* ILetGwenStacyDie: His adoptive little sister died when animals suffering from rabies attacked her. He has never forgiven himself for not being able to protect her, and her death made him swear to help others in any way he can.
* ThePaladin: A shining example of this although he's not so pure anymore... in a sexual sense thanks to Rhylian... and Hivena.
* PapaWolf: He becomes fiercely protective of his daughter Nyanna after he has rescued her.

::'''Nyanna Mikoto'''

The [[DivineParentage Andain]] daughter of the paladin Nesa Mikoto and the goddess Hivena, she is foretold to bring the end of the world. Whether such a prophecy is true or not, her father nevertheless means to keep her safe by any means necessary.

Associated tropes:
* ChildByRape: Nyanna came to being when her goddess mother Hivena raped the mortal paladin Nesa.
* ConstantlyCurious: She's very young and has lived most of her childhood in seclusion. Now that she finally has a chance to experience the world, she's constantly awed by even the most mundane things.
* DivineParentage: She's an Andain, a half-god, in an age where no such being should be able to exist anymore. Her unique existence makes her a desirable target for many individuals and factions who either want to kill her or use her for their own ends.
* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Despite actually being only a few months old, her body has grown to resemble a 7-year-old's thanks to divine magic and her unique powers which she can't quite control yet. She has also learned to communicate thanks to the magic of her mother although she has problems grasping basic concepts such as what a 'father' is.


A girl who travels around the world and wishes to explore new places and meet new people. Her journeys lead her to the Grand Alliance, and she befriends many of the heroes. After spending some time with Razoul, they grow quite close and become lovers, both helping the other see the world in a new light.

Associated tropes:
* ActionGirl: Despite her kindness, she is also a surprisingly skilled and cunning warrior. She uses her weak-looking body to her advantage because many people often underestimate her prowess in combat.
* LoveInterest: To Razoul.
* MoralityPet: Rain acts like this to Razoul. She has made him see many things in a new light and humanizes him by letting him expose his vulnerabilities.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: She has fair skin, black hair, and is beautiful.
* WaifFu: She has a rather flexible fighting style which relies on movement and quick jabs.


A half-elven mage with a shady past and mysterious plans. She's sly, ambitious and intelligent, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In recent times she's manipulated Marcus Sarillius into becoming her pawn, and grudgingly works for the Grand Alliance but only because it helps her set her plans in motion.

Associated tropes:
* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: She was bullied as a kid because of her looks and heritage. It, combined with teachings of Mardük, turned her into rather venomous character who is more than happy to hurt people to get what she wants.
* TheBaroness: She's the very definition of this trope.
* BlackMagic: She's a black mage.
* DarkActionGirl: Very much so.
* EnemyMine: With Ax.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Her boyfriend Izael and her grandmother Helane.
* HalfHumanHybrid: She's a half-elf.
* HellishPupils: Has snake-like eyes.
* LadyOfBlackMagic: Mysterious, cunning, and a black mage.
* [[TheManBehindTheMan The Woman Behind The Man]]: She ostensibly acts as Marcus's advisor but is in fact the one in charge thanks to mind control and manipulation.
* MindRape: Does this to Marcus to keep him under her control.
* PetTheDog: Despite her cruelty Shyralis has occasionally shown kindness to a select few people, most notably her friend/love interest Izael (whom she has saved a few times) and her grandmother Helane.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Although many heroes are aware of her shady past and questionable actions, they tolerate her because Marcus trusts her. Her dark actions often make the others question whether it's safe to be around her, but she has enough authority so they don't meddle in her affairs (except for Ax who simply can't keep her mouth shut in Shyralis's presence while questioning her every decision).

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