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* Orkanis' debut: [[CoolVsAwesome Fighting the Nightbringer]]. [[spoiler:He wins]].


* Orkanis' debut: [[CoolVsAwesome Fighting the Nightbringer]]. Nightbringer]] (or at least a shard of the C'Tan). [[spoiler:He wins]].wins]].
* Thomas has one in his interlude (Chapter 27), when he [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu gets an impressive burn in on]] [[spoiler:the Emperor]].

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* From Chapter 5: HumongousMecha vs Bloodthirster! [[spoiler: Black's mech ends up being [[CurbStompBattle ''soundly'' defeated]]]].
** Which is followed by [[spoiler:[[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath Black managing to convince said Bloodthrister to turn on Eliphas' army]]. ''With words alone'']]!
* Chapters 11 and Twelve: Black and General Lucas Alexander [[EnemyMine team up]] to save Kaurava from Exterminatus by the Blood Ravens. By the end of the battle, Black has control of the Litany of Fury and Kyras is somewhere in the warp.
* Orkanis' debut: [[CoolVsAwesome Fighting the Nightbringer]]. [[spoiler:He wins]].
* From Chapter 29: Jaegar Mk II vs Living Saint. [[spoiler:Unlike the last time Black fought a demonic being, this is an ''even'' fight. He manages to be the Saint to pulp before it finally overpowers his Jaeger, which he counters with a TakingYouWithMe]].

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