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** Motherís BigDamnHeroes moment when Rabbit is surrounded by Taliban. Mother slides down the embankment, knocks one bad guy out of his way, dispatches a half-dozen more with his sidearm, then smokes the last one (who hasnít yet recovered from Motherís initial hockey-check) via an OffhandBackhand point-blank headshot with the last round in his magazine, all in the space of about six seconds. Even Rabbit is stunned by the sheer badassery of it.

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* ''Medal of Honor'' (2010):
** Specialist Adams and his team HoldTheLine against a massive Taliban attack. For five minutes, you're forced to fight off endless attackers, who've got the high ground, as your cover disappears and enemy flank you.
** An [[CommunicationsOfficer un-named technician]] gets fed up with [[GeneralFailure General Flagg's]] bullcrap and [[FakeStatic disconnects his call]] before he can order them to [[spoiler: leave the Neptune team to die]]:
--->''[[BlatantLies We seem to have lost the VTC, Sir.]]''
* ''Medal of Honor: Warfighter'':
** ''Warfighter's'' penultimate level: Preacher pretty much [[spoiler: singlehandedly takes down an entire ship of terrorists using nothing but a pistol and whatever weapons he ripped from the enemy's dead fingers.]] The purest combination of OneManArmy, RoaringRampageOfRevenge, and UnstoppableRage you can ask for.
* Meta example: For the reboot, EA worked with Tier 1 special forces, the elite of the elite. In discussion of the development of the game it was explained you couldn't just go to these guys and ask if they would like to be a part of it, you had to meet one person and build up a certain level of trust, then they will direct you to someone else and you build up trust with them, etc. Anyway they got these guys involved, and there was a scene where one of the soldiers is killed. EA could see they were uncomfortable with it and after being told something along the lines of, "There are only about five or six guys in the world who have the right to tell that story," the scene was removed.

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