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Harpie Siren: I really wanna put a picture of Darkwing Duck doing his smoke in here...

Ununnilium: Go for it.

Harpie Siren: Well, okay then... just gotta find a good one...

Kizor: Note to self for use in the future: Write a time-travelling character who has to use a Smoke In and stage magic when he goes back to warn people to stand any chance of being believed.

Ununnilium: Taking out:

  • Which he does several times in the live action film Batman Begins — most notably after speaking with Katie Holmes' character on an elevated train station stairway.

...because that's Stealth Hi/Bye.

ralphmerridew: Subversion from Oh My Goddess or Urusei Yatsura: A gang of ninjas have surrounded their target. One of them throws a smoke bomb, allowing the target to escape. The other ninjas agree they were about to do the same.

Joysweeper: I wrote a story once where after a battle the head of a (small) army uses a smokebomb, and by the time it clears even the wounded are totally gone. The POV character was angry about it because nothing should work like that - it's a 'verse that used to be basically "ours" and changed.


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