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Rename Morale Event Horizon launched as Despair Event Horizon: From YKTTW

Working Title: Morale Event Horizon: From YKTTW

Antheia: Cut Conversation In The Main Page from the Serenity example:

  • How he could ever have HAD any faith in an organisation willing to employ a man like him is a mystery this troper will never understand. He who knowingly employs a monster is a monster himself.
  • History is full of fanatics like him. In fact, he's arguably more self-aware and honest than most of them.
  • His self-awareness and personal honesty is what make the situation so paradoxical. If he was able to recognise the monster in himself, it should have been easy to see his employers for what they were.
  • The Operative saw himself as a necessary evil for the better good, but finding out about the Miranda Incident was enough to break even him. Largely because any faith you have in that its necessary to break some eggs to make an omelet tends to vanish once you discover that your masters are stupefyingly incompetent re: omelet recipes.

Lime: So what do you think the name of this trope would be if the Moral Event Horizon page were still named Rape The Dog? "Depress the Dog?" [/useless Natter] Airship Canon: I'm pretty sure the name change from Morale Event Horizon wouldn't have been needed. (See that was a HORRIBLE change >_>- Moral Event Horizon should've been left as Rape The Dog.)[/response]

Erm, I see a lot of examples on this list which aren't strictly speaking the definition of Despair Event Horizon. I thought this was where a character fell so far into despair that they literally gave up a cause for it. The Final Fantasy X example: Tidus doesn't fall over the despair event horizon, if anything, he just gets more determined to fight on. And we don't know yet if Orihime has actually fallen over the horizon. These examples are more cases of a Heroic BSoD


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