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Andyzero: Isn't this already Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him??

Ununnilium: Not quite. Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him? is Lampshade Hanging on this.

Earnest: Is this a specific form of Villain Ball then?

That Other 1 Dude: I think it passing up a chance to kill them. Also Pending:

  • In Naruto we find that bad guy Itachi wants to steal his brother Sasuke's eyes to stop himself from going blind. Itachi is much stronger than Sasuke, and could have taken the eyes and ran, but he apparently couldn't resist the temptation to mess with his brother. He placed Sasuke under an illusion that made Sasuke feel as though his eyes were being pulled out, this BEFORE Itachi does the real thing. Sasuke breaks through the illusion. This drains a lot of Itachi's power, making him weaker in the upcoming fight.

I'm pretty sure Sasuke was the one projecting an illusion on Itachi to fool him into thinking that he won.

  • Nope, Itachi was indeed the one making the illusion. However, it was later revealed that he actually wanted Sasuke to beat him, so this trope doesn't apply.

Conversation In The Main Page:

  • On the theme of Moriarty- canon this time- this troper has always had the utmost difficulty in believing he would let Holmes write a final farewell to Watson on the side of the waterfall. Anyone else would have pushed him off while he was thus occupied or got a marksman (Colonel Moran, anyone?) to pick him off. Even The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen accepts this version of events, however silly it seems. This is one of MANY factors that point towards Moriarty not existing at all ... but that's another story.
    • It might be argued that Moriarty's actions of seeming stupidity are due to his being a Worthy Opponent. Of course, if this is true, his "worthiness" didn't end up doing him much good...
    • This troper doesn't find Moriarty's actions stupid at all. Remember, at this point Moriarty has absolutely nothing left to lose, as Holmes has already crippled his empire. What would be the difference between Moriarty having a sniper shoot him dead and Moriarty doing the deed himself? At least if Moriarty killed Holmes, he'd have the satisfaction of destroying the enemy who'd already pretty much destroyed him.


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