Reviews: Eversion


Eversion is the OPPOSITE of what the above review says. Never, by all circumstances have your kids so much as have ANY bit of knowledge about this game whatsoever. Not even one scrap of it. [Oh sure, the potholes of that review shows that the reviewer is not being an idiot, but STILL...]


Oops, I mean "the BELOW review".

A great game that's fun for kids!

Eversion is a game about a calm story in a Calm world. You play as the cute little fella ZeeTee. The story is simple: you have to Save the Princess.

The game is also pretty simple. ZeeTee has this cool ability that allows you to change the level's theme entirely! Speaking of level themes, the music always fits well with the level's theme. The 7th one is incredibly simple, but still very effective! The theme changes also change the enemies to fit alongside the location, so it all feels unique. There's even a new enemy that will appear in later levels and introduce itself very effectively!. Oh, yeah, there's also gems in each level that you must collect. If you get all the gems, you have the opportunity to explore the eighth theme, and get a new level! The level has a cool little surprise at the end! After clearing the level, you get the best ending, which reveals some cool things about you and the princess!

Overall, Eversion is a fun and cute game that I'd recommend to everyone! Kids will love it! I hope you're ready!