Reviews: Bones

Make No Bones About It

Bones isn't the best show ever made. There are many flaws, unsubtle product placement, and a constantly varying episode quality. But none of that matters when it's just so fun. Bones is a quirky, Genre Busting type of crime show. Instead of focusing on the cases, it's strength lies in the interactions of the characters. From the chemistry of the leads, the brave Fish Out Of Water among the scientists Booth, and No Social Skills genius Brennan, to the Odd Friendship of snarky, paranoid Hodgins and Ambiguously Autistic Zack, the cast are the backbone of this show. Rounding out the main characters are Good Bad Girl Angela, the heart of the Squints and Shipper On Deck of the leads, Sophisticated As Hell Sweets, who can barely get in a word without someone commenting on his youth or how psychology is a "soft science", and Only Sane Employee Cam, who tries her best to keep everything under control, but still gets swept up in the antics of her strange scientists. Season four added on six "Squinterns", a group of interns for Brennan that rotate every episode, and bring their own little charm to the Jeffersonian.

The thing is, Bones knows it's not the greatest show ever made, and doesn't pretend it is. It's happy to churn out formulaic episodes of mediocre quality every week, but still make the 45 minutes entertaining enough so you don't feel as if you wasted a good chunk of your life. But every once in a while, an episode slips past mediocrity and ends up either absolutely abysmal, or utterly amazing, usually the latter. From this we get fantastic episodes such as "Aliens in a Spaceship", "The Bullet in the Brain", and a few others, on the other end of the spectrum, we occasionally get ones like "The Maggots in the Meathead", or "The Finder", which are memorable for completely different reasons.

The charm about Bones is not that it's good or bad, or hip and hot, it's a little show about strange people who do a strange job and joke about it. It's a fun little romp through the adventures of a Ragtag Band Of Misfits who solve crime, with science! And that is my two cents about this show. If you've never seen it before, I'd recommend checking out an episode or two, it's an enjoyable experience.