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How to Tarnish a Villain's Legacy in 103 Minutes
After the financial failure of the previous film, Toho decided to redesign some of it's most famous monsters for this series to bring back the fans, and this was their first attempt.

In the process, however, they managed to take a huge steaming pile of shit upon a certain daikaiju's legacy. How? Well, let's find out.

For starters, Ghidorah is not a badass space monster, but now three cute future pets, mutated by the nuke that made Godzilla. What? It gets worse. In the first fight with Godzilla, he takes out one of his heads. Are you fucking kidding me?! Oh no, it gets worse. After this, he is resurrected in the future as a cyborg, used to stop Godzilla. NONONONONONONO!!! That's just plain disrespectful; King Ghidorah, intended to be Godzilla's strongest foe, now reduced to a fucking puppet.

The other parts of the plot aren't very good either; You've got poorly done time-travel, unmissable Unfortunate Implications up the ass, and (In the English dub) some of the stupidest dialogue in history.

The only real redeeming things are Akira Ifukube's return to scoring the Godzilla films, the special effects, and the first fight, which was, to be fair, awesome (Up until Ghidorah lost his head).

Overall, only watch it for the fights, special effects, and music; Aside from these things, you will find only bullshit.
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