Reviews: Tamers Forever Series


Seeing this page while browsing the fanfic rec page and after reading the page, I'd thought it would be an interesting read.

It wasn't.

Frankly, it was underwhelming.

The pacing was off, the font was horrible (seriously, reading a fic in all bold lettering is not fun) and the writing was just awkward and the jokes weren't funny at all.

It was dull and uninteresting and I'm really wishing I'd spent time reading something else.

Utterly horrible.

This series is called "Tamers Forever," and it's quite funny because this is to Digimon what Batman Forever was to Batman. That is to say, characters are derailed, Takato is turned into a massive Marty Stu, and canon is ripped asunder for the point of the author playing favorites.

It's not a good fanfiction, to be honest.

You see all the gushing on the other trope pages? Yeah, that's because it was probably all written by the writer of the series. Chaos is as much of a Villain Sue as Takato is a Marty Stu (the "Omnivice"? Really?), and he too is a boring, flat character. These two characters are given all sorts of "awesome" scenes, one-liners, and the like, and it all comes off as the author trying but failing horribly to make badass characters. You know how Duke Nukem's characterization was just sad and pathetic in Duke Nukem Forever? Think like that, and you've got the characterization here in one. The fact that he has his own self-insert to discuss the chapters afterward is redundant, because "Takato" (who is definitely NOT the same boy from Tamers) and Chaos are essentially two more self-inserts.

Oh, and did I mention the massive focus on the love lives of children? No? Well, it's been done to death in Digimon fanfic, and it's just as disgusting here as everywhere else, and as poorly-written. Daneel Rush is a hack writer, and this fanfic is an example of that. Also see his works involving incest between children portrayed as romance to aspire to, and marvel in the fact that people find this writing to be of quality.

The only "forever" about this series is that it's going to forever stay in my mind as how not to write a Digimon fanfiction, and I hope it can serve as that to you too (should you subject yourself to the hell of reading it).

You WILL get sucked in. You will NOT regret it.

Okay, going into this series I was not that impressed. To start with, it's a Rukato story (That's Rika/Takato for those unfamiliar with the slang). I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am not a fan of Non-Canon Relationships. To me it's always seemed like the fan fic author blatantly ignoring canon for the sake of his own fantasy. On top of that, the writing was just... awkward. As in really awkward (Though on reflection that may have been intentional since earlier scenes seem almost to be spoofing the romance genre).

Still, I decided to give the series a fair go and actually found myself becoming rather engaged to the characters. First, there is actually quite a strong chemistry between the two leads. They play off one another quite well, and the scenes with them together are often side splittingly hilarious. There's also something about Takato's feelings for Rika that just seem so... real. Mainly because he's willing to stand up to her Jerkassness, and still want to help her. It's incredibly endearing and quickly wins ones sympathy. Rika for her part is one of the biggest Jerkass Woobies since Asuka (Who no doubt inspired her characterisation in this story.) and her steadily growing acceptance of Takato is quite heartwarming to watch.

Still, this story is not just romance, there's the whole prophecy thing going on.

Yeah.. Prophecy. Those running to headbut the wall should be noted that I called dibs.

But despite the cliche of the base plot, the story is still incredibly fun to read. By keeping things focused on the characters, the author manages to keep our interests high and actually interested in what's happening next. The story utterly averts Romantic Plot Tumor. Both the Myth Arc and the Romance Plot perfectly complement each other.

Characterisation is very strong in this story. Some people accuse Takato about being Out Of Character in this fic but I strongly disagree. Takato is almost identical to his canon counterpart. The same old bumbling, socially awkward Nice Guy with a hidden core of Bad Ass. One of the best parts of Tamers Forever is watching Takato's Character Development as he grows from Butt Monkey to a full on Bad Ass Ideal Hero.

At the end of the day, this book is Fun Personifed