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Reviews Comments: WHY THE HATE? Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom film/book review by damus 2300

this was the best yet underrated of the Indy films. the funniest and most action packed. the trio's tendency to get into trouble goes Beyond The Impossible. and it's not as political as the rest of the franchise.


  • Scardoll
  • 12th Feb 12
It sucks. The cinematography sucks, the characters are annoying, the entire plot feels less like Raiders of the Lost Ark than Crystal Skull did, and the style just feels really cartoonish.

I never found the franchise particularly political. Those Wacky Nazis and Dirty Communists are stock villains.
  • PurpleDalek
  • 14th Feb 12
I think the main reason people dislike Temple is because both Willie Scott and Short Round are extremely annoying. Having two scrappies in one movie certainly doesn't help it.
  • AnEnemySpy
  • 15th Feb 12
It's not a terrible movie, but it lacks the lighthearted tone of the other ones, and Willie is a much worse heroine than Marion.
  • tublecane
  • 16th Feb 12
"Hate" gets thrown around a lot. I don't feel this movie has a particularly fierce hatedom. Maybe decades ago, but, similar to post-Phantom Menace hindsight on Return of the Jedi, there's been a far suckier one since. People just don't think it's as good as the Nazi/Christian ones, and it isn't.
  • TheOldestGoat
  • 28th Feb 12
And if you are Hindu, or even just vaguely knowledgeable about the Indian subcontinent, the entire movie is incredibly culturally prejudiced; and well a certain amount of that can accepted, rationalized, or just outright ignored in a film, it's physically painful to sit through Temple. Also, Willie is an insanely weaker character than Marion (didn't, at one point, Lucas and Spielberg plan on making them a Battle Couple together?), and as Scar Doll said... Well, it's just not good.

That being said, I don't 'hate' the movie. That's a pretty powerful word. I just don't particularly find watching it enjoyable in any manner.
  • eveil
  • 28th Feb 12
Because it's the second movie, and those tend to be hated a lot.
  • terlwyth
  • 28th Feb 12
Because Willie was a Jerk Ass and frankly it takes up space for a superior one,called Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

None of the characters are interesting,and it parodies a move better done in the original.
  • AllsparkSpinOut
  • 22nd Mar 12
It really says something when the one the fandom hates the most (Crystal Skull) is a vastly superior film to this piece of drek.

Even though I can tolerate Everybody Hates Hades if done to, well, Hades (Say what you will about D Isney's Hercules - I personally loved it, but the best thing about the movie other than the little mythology gags was Hades), or Set, or Loki - I'd rather see Ares and Apophis be the Big Bad Evil Guys of newer adaptations of Greco-Roman and Egyptian mythologies, but the thing is... When you take the goddess of a major world religion (Kali) and completely derailing her and making the Thuggees some crummy Hollywood Aztecs who eat meat when they're Hindus, you're opening the door to my ire.

And when you seem to ant to do nothing more than Squick out your audience and give us two characters who are absolutely, irredeemably wretched to replace Sallah and Marion... I mean, Christ, Shia La Boeuf was less annoying than Willie Scott!

I just really hate Temple of Doom. It is, in my honest opinion, as bad as people make Crystal Skull out to be, if not worse.

Granted, it's still lightyears ahead of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, but give me Nazi villains over some two-dimensional Darkest India stereotypes any day. I mean, even though Mola Ram was one of the only good things about this movie, he's no Toht.
  • Scardoll
  • 22nd Mar 12
Because it's the second movie, and those tend to be hated a lot.
Yeah, people hate this movie almost as much as Empire Strikes Back.

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