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Reviews Comments: Inconsistent quality. Teen Titans whole series review by melloncollie

Some episodes of this show really does feel like a silly kid's cartoon, especially in the "filler" episodes. The jokes are unfunny, the dialogue is corny, the fight scenes sometimes suffer from Could Have Been Messy, Martial Arts Do Not Work That Way and Fridge Logic (Why does Robin punch as hard as Starfire? Why doesn't Raven just grab the villain and keep them from moving like she did with Slade in "Prophecy"? Can't she technically emulate Terra's powers, which were made out to be pretty gamebreaking when used properly in Aftershock?), some of the villains are just boring, irritating, or unlikeable (and not in a "love to hate" way either, just not fun to watch at all. Looking at you, HIVE).

However. When the show is good, it's really good. Some of the serious/story arc episodes are my favorite episodes from western animation ever. Slade makes up for all the annoying minor villains, he has the right amount of creepy and badass at once. "Haunted" in particular makes me wonder how the hell they were allowed to show that episode, it had one of the most brutal beatdowns I've ever seen in on a kid's channel, but I'm glad it did air. Madame Rouge is another effective villain; she manages to be even more menacing than Slade due to her Implacable Man nature. If you can ignore the Bloodless Carnage/Could Have Been Messy and Fridge Logic the fight scenes can be very shiny, they get better from the end of season one onwards.

Season 5 did feel a bit like an anticlimax. To be fair it'd be hard for any villain to follow up Season 4's demon god, but why a brain in a jar with a pet monkey? That's not particularly menacing, original, or interesting. I did like the introduction of new heroes, but most of them weren't developed enough for me to become very invested in any of them, it would have been nice to focus on a few of them, it worked for Kid Flash.

To sum up, I feel like the show did some things very well, and I wish I could have seen more of that and less silly filler.


  • EddieValiant,Jr.
  • 12th Nov 10
Some of the filler episodes, like 'Fear Itself' and the Mad Mod episodes, were among the best of the show. Don't be hatin'.
  • ManwiththePlan
  • 21st Feb 11
Technically there are no "filler" episodes. There's just standalone character episodes, silly episodes, and storyline episodes. And for the most part, they all work for the show.

And The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are villains from way back in the Silver Age: you really can't blame them for being what they are. I thought they were quite threatening in spite of their corniness and like you said, nothing could quite measure up to Trigon.

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