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I am a horror. Amongst horrors, must I dwell.



Your page has now been vandalised by Tomoe Michieru. Hiiii...

This is the third time that I've vandalized your page, because you keep nuking the thing. (glares)

Go mellon. Kick that finals ass. ((Elmer36919))
  • I think I did, my grades came out alright :)

I hope you don't mind, but I indexed your page for you. - Mapi
  • Thankee.

I've found myself agreeing with melloncollie a few times, I'm not sure what to make of it, but I guess it's better than agreeing with Hitler - Noimporta

  • Thanks for the help with the Zatoichi page. Heaven knows it needed more stuff. -Ryumaru

Hey mellon-pellon! I just wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite people on TV Tropes! - Galeros

Listen all y'all it's sabotage! Don't stop being awesome! [waii] - goodtimesfreegrog

That's what I get for slacking off on making new pages, I guess. :| - English Ivy

-Infiltrates your page- Tuefel

Mellon, we still need to get married! I'm waiting for our honeymoon :3 —your future bride

Okay vandal, vandal... FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE I LACK SUBTLETY!!! - Brutal

Great batting average in the "makes sense" department - Korgmeister

Itty bitty baby, itty bitty boat. - Wanderlust Warrior

O HAI - Schitzo

Your avatars of puppies and stuff are ADORABLE and make me OMOCHIKAERI - Solstace

"Stonewall Jackson, Sherman, and Grant in plugsuits! Oh fuck yeah." - Leaving this here until you get a quote page.


Here's to you. - Kraken

Nice to see that you've been so active at helping to suck hapless victims into provide an enhanced experience for visitors to this site. -The Ginkei

You have obtained my approval, not only because you exceed my age. —Morgulion

Polite vandalism from a melancholic troper. Don't forget to vandalize my page. Have a nice melancholic day. — Belfagor