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03:09:51 PM May 9th 2015
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  • Sequelitis: Return of the King is often considered by fans to be the weakest and worst-adapted of the three films.

Really? On Imbd ROTK has the highest score of the trilogy (albeit slightly). I suspect an Opinion Myopia.
09:50:04 AM May 10th 2015

FOTR: 8,8 TTT: 8,7 ROTK: 8,9

Rotten Tomatoes

FOTR: 91% TTT: 96% ROTK: 95%


FOTR: 92% TTT: 88% ROTK: 94%
11:19:51 AM Nov 5th 2013
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Deleted the following Natter that violated Example Indentation from the Peter Jackson Films section.

Memetic Mutation
  • Additionally, one of the most common jokes about Gandalf's moment is this: He's not actually trying to pull a Heroic Sacrifice or trying to Taking You with Me on Balrog. I mean, come on, he almost died and eventually returned as Gandalf the White, the most Badass Grandpa of fictional works? Yes, he actually already knew that he WILL win against Balrog, regardless Frodo and company are there to aid him or not. So why did he order his companions to escape while he's fighting Balrog? It's because, by defeating Balrog alone, he will get TONS of Experience Points only for himself, so he can Level Up from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White. If the Frodo and company were there, then it means the Experience Points would've been shared with them as well so Gandalf with get less points than he wanted. Yes, Gandalf is really a Magnificent Bastard. And anyway, this joke is usually only popular among roleplay gamers.

Values Dissonance
  • It's not really that bad, Gandalf in the movie notes that "lesser men" ruled, implying Gondor was ruled by incompetent and immature rulers, rather than being racist.
01:50:03 PM Jul 2nd 2012

This dead link was on the YMMV page. I have posted it here in case anyone can find a working link.
03:07:39 PM May 9th 2015
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Edit: sorry i was trying to make a new discussion.
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