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11:25:15 AM Jun 7th 2017
why is this page an index
06:42:17 PM Jun 7th 2017
An editor added the [[index]] formatting to index a sub-page while neglecting to add [[/index]] to stop it indexing the while page

It is now fixed
08:34:57 PM Nov 7th 2016
Could we try to make the YMMV for this page be less... severe? Having mostly been exposed to this show through TV Tropes, I assumed that it was near universally reviled by all but small children, but after watching the show myself and reading about it on other sites like the AV Club and such, I realized that it's not the case at all. The show is generally well-received by both critics and older viewers, and it's pretty clear that the entire section for it on this site is heavily colored by the opinions of an extremely passionate subset of people. I get that this is YMMV and all, but shouldn't it be less clearly biased? Especially since it is the minority opinion?
03:58:57 PM Nov 8th 2016
edited by BackgroundGuy
Well, here's the thing. People who have a bone to pick with the show tend to have a pretty specific reason for it; it's almost never "I just don't like it". Anyone who's bothered to chime in generally leans more on the negative side of things, and while there is something to be said for keeping things relatively neutral, we have to remember what the old YMMV banner used to say - not everyone is going to agree with what's on the page.

But anyone who comes here to chime in is probably going to comment from a negative perspective, since that's the one that most Internet-savvy customers who bother to chime in on it anywhere would have.

The only thing I can see that we can really do is make sure we don't cast aspersions on the people who make the show. It's one thing to say we feel a certain way about something in the show - which is pretty much what YMMV is about - it's another to say the makers of the show did this or that for a specific reason if we don't have proof. We should never merely guess at someone's motivations, let alone present our guesses as the truth without backing it up.

To that end, I can definitely say that one thing that should probably go is anything that says the makers of the show are dealing Take Thats to any of the audience unless, again, it can be proven.
01:40:00 PM Dec 12th 2016
Most critics seem to dislike it.

06:40:57 PM Jan 7th 2016
Okay, the Family-Unfriendly Aesop section probably needs a cleanup, since most of them appear to be obvious Spoof Aesops (namely, Oil Drums, BBDAY, and Black Friday).
08:08:07 PM Mar 18th 2016
edited by jmac9345
I have two things to say. One, if Teen Titans Go!'s fanbase is mostly children, then I feel people have reason to complain about giving kids the wrong message, spoof or not. Despite this, I think maybe we should add a note saying "Despite the numerous Spoof Aesops."
06:45:48 AM Jun 27th 2016
I believe most children are smart enough to know when something is meant to be a joke or not.
06:52:51 PM May 28th 2015
So much for "we are not a wiki for bashing things".
05:10:44 AM Jun 27th 2015
This IS the YMMV page, after all. And be honest- are YOU actually a fan of this show?
06:22:45 AM Jun 27th 2015
To me it seems like the YMMV page is just another outlet to unload hate.
10:23:19 AM Apr 14th 2015
Should we make a "Dude, Not Funny!" page for this work?
02:11:48 AM Apr 15th 2015
I dunno. Do all the listed examples describe Dude, Not Funny!.
10:58:01 AM Apr 15th 2015
There is a pretty long list of it...
09:00:14 AM Mar 21st 2016
edited by jmac9345
Isn't Dude, Not Funny! In-Universe Examples Only, though? I've seen examples get deleted from the Garfield page because of it.
02:49:11 AM Sep 3rd 2013
Super Robin: How exactly is creating a perfect utopian society, living long, peaceful and fulfilling life and dieing of the old age makes up tropes Blessed with Suck and Tearjerker? That's parody on them at best.
06:52:12 PM May 28th 2015
So much for "we are not a wiki for bashing things".
09:10:15 PM May 28th 2015
Ignore this.
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