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03:47:26 AM Mar 17th 2013
Cutting this and putting it here. Audience Reactions can't be subverted, and the second item is a Zero Context Example.
  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Subverted. The first enemies the player faces in the game are Arabs (leading the player to believe that the game is just like any other modern military shooter), but for the most part the player will be being shot at by other Americans. And no, killing Arabs is not presented as "acceptable" in this game. In fact, the only times you kill them after the initial portions of the game, it's treated as a Moral Event Horizon each time because you're massacring civilians.
    • The first words out of their mouths? "Why? So you can kill us too?"
10:46:15 PM Mar 17th 2013
I wonder if Acceptable Targets is the right trope for that, yeah. The game definitely pulls the rug out from under the player by depicting vaguely Middle-Eastern "insurgents" and then having the vast majority of enemies turn out to be American soldiers, and the "insurgents" vaguely sympathetic. What Measure Is a Mook?, maybe? That example is a line spoken by the very first enemies you meet, the guys Lugo talks to in Farsi. That's one of their (untranslated and non-subtitled) lines.
10:02:14 AM Dec 31st 2012
Just wondering: Does Riggs count as a complete monster?
03:27:15 PM Dec 31st 2012
edited by Iaculus
Take it to the relevant thread in Special Efforts. I doubt it, though - he's got too much Well-Intentioned Extremist going on. A Complete Monster must be complete.
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