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10:00:37 AM Mar 4th 2018
edited by Griever222
I think there is a an example of fanon/fan theory in Sunset Shimmer's character page, under Innocently Insensitive: She also tells Flash that he needs to "get over Twilight" without adding much else to the matter, especially since she supported Flash and Twilight before and doesn't consider how Princess Twilight feels about Flash.

This seems to me to be speculation, rather than observation of a true mistake by Sunset.

Especially that Sunset does behave opposite about the romance of Timber and Sci-Twi - she goes out of her way to not needlesly sabotage their romance, even if she's suspecting Timber for causing the chaos at the camp, which causes especially Twilight so much grief.

So I just don't get why she would behave so differently, in the same movie, with the romance of pony Twilight and Flash?

It also really does seem Twilight lost interest in Flash - from his words, Flash seems to imply she didn't visit him since Rainbow Rocks, despite coming to the human world at the end of Friendship Games, and didn't at all ask about Flash, or even mention or allude to him in Forgotten Friendship.

And I think it's far more probable Twilight wrote to Sunset she lost interest in Flash, or did seem so visibly from their conversation through the journal. This is also a bit of atheory, but I think a far more probable ine, but YMMV.

So, do you guys think this bit under Innocently Insensitive, should be deleted? As I just think it has more place under WMG or Alternate Character Interpretation, than in the character page, at least under another trope than Alternate Character Interpretation...
10:05:04 AM Mar 4th 2018
Just cut the "especially since she supported Flash and Twilight before and doesn't consider how Princess Twilight feels about Flash." as that's where it crosses into speculation.
10:06:58 AM Mar 4th 2018
edited by Griever222
Yeah, that's I think the best solution.
11:41:45 AM Mar 4th 2018
edited by StFan
I think Innocently Insensitive might be the wrong trope anyway, at least for the part about Flash. It would fall more into... I dunno, Brutal Honesty? Because it looks like she knows what she's doing, but just considers it necessary.
11:58:10 AM Mar 4th 2018
Indeed it may fit better. I think the editor, and not only (as seen in trope descriptions in Legend of Everfree), thought Sunset doesn't fully realize how painfull all of this is to Flash.

But on the other hand, Sunset did say she's kinda brutal honest, with some exceptions.

Dunno, I have to think about it first, but I won't have anything against if you move that bit into the description of the brutal honesty trope.
03:17:32 PM Feb 25th 2018
I asked a mod, they said Franchise.My Little Pony Equestria Girls has too few entries in different mediums to count as a franchise and is to be moved to WesternAnimation.My Little Pony Equestria Girls. The first movie, as proposed earlier, is to be moved to My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (2013), any help with moving content and fixing wicks would be appreciated.
01:53:52 PM Jan 13th 2018
edited by Ferot_Dreadnaught
Where do we put the upcoming "Forgotten Friendship" special? Is it part of any of the established series? I believe there's two more specials planned. Should I create the page WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirls2018 to cover them and we figure out a better namespace later? Or what?
07:01:41 PM Jan 13th 2018
Well, if it is an hour long special, I'd say it can have its own page since that would basically make it a TV movie at that point. Or we wait to confirm the existence of the other specials and see if they are considered grouped with this one ala Magical Movie Night
09:42:19 AM Oct 20th 2017
Some questions regarding the new web show and its trope page (mostly because I don't want to make any hasty edits).

1. Shouldn't it be under Web Animation like fellow YouTube-exclusive Hasbro series Hanazuki: Full of Treasures?

2. All press releases so far rather insistently call the series with the full name "Equestria Girls Digital Series" rather than just plainly "Equestria Girls Series". The page should be renamed to match, then?

3. Is it needed to mention franchise-wide tropes such as Amazing Technicolor Population and Alternate Universe in the web series' page? I ask because the trope pages for individual works in the franchise don't mention them beyond the first film's. The two mentioned tropes (as an example) are absent from the pages for Rainbow Rocks, Friendship Games and Legend of Everfree — likely because they were seen as redundant. Should we go back and add them anyway, or do we remove them from the web series' page?

On a somewhat, tangentially related note, should the Summertime Shorts ever get a separate page, would it be under Web Animation too? They're being released on Hasbro's official YouTube channel, one per week since sometime in mid-August (coincidentally, — or, very likely, not coincidental at all — the last short(s) would likely be released near November 17 if the "every-friday-or-sometimes-saturday" release schedule keeps up). Or the fact they were broadcast on Discovery Family first means it goes to Western Animation?
10:49:03 AM Oct 20th 2017
1) Web series starting on YouTube definitely goes in WebAnimation/. And note that a show keeps the namespace of the original release even if later broadcast on another medium (like DC Super Hero Girls).

2) The official name should be used. Ideally it's the name used by the series while airing — one reason why creating a work page too hastily is a bad idea.

3) Franchise-wide trope should ideally be on the franchise page or on the first movie's page; putting them on each work page is indeed quite redundant. A mention atop the examples specifying where to find franchise-wide tropes (alongside one for the characters pages) can be used.

4) I've been meaning on creating a page for the summertime shorts for a while, I just never got to fully do it. Now, for the namespace, I'm hesitating too. If the initial broadcast was on TV, it should indeed be WesternAnimation/, but it's the YouTube channel that truly helps making them known worldwide. And I'd rather see varied namespaces to justify the existence of a Franchise/ page.
02:42:00 PM Oct 20th 2017
Well, the series is really only called "Equestria Girls" on the title card. So... :v

What do we do with the current page, then?

I think the Summertime Shorts should be on Web Animation, as that's how they made their international debut. Dubbed versions of the Mad Twience Music Video have been released already, it's really only a matter of time for the rest; also, they're being used to "warm up" towards the new Digital Series (does that make sense?). And random trivia here, but the YouTube uploads are referred to as "Canterlot" shorts except the music videos, which are only called that.

There are quite a few things that can still be added to the Franchise page, such as the novels (at least 2 original stories), the Latin-American play, and the Equestria Girls Minis shorts. We'll see.
10:40:01 AM Oct 21st 2017
I do feel WebAnimation/ fits better overall for the summertime shorts.

It should be noted, I've been tempted to separate the shorts for each movie in their own WebAnimation/ pages too, has it is how they were released too. That would lighten the load of the WesternAnimation/ pages.
11:05:54 AM Oct 21st 2017
That's not a bad idea. A single page for the Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games shorts, or a page for each film's shorts?
11:57:55 AM Oct 21st 2017
A separate page for these two movies, the shorts are clearly linked to their separate film.

Now Legend of Everfree just has the Bloopers short, it can stay with it (and maybe the one for Friendship Games too, to keep the same pattern).

It would notably clear up the crosswicking for the tropes of these shorts, since they tend to be put either in "Films — Animation", "Web Animation" or even "Western Animation" on trope pages.
12:45:51 PM Oct 21st 2017
Alright. Seems to be for the best. I say, go for it.

Ah, before I forget, but the page for the first film should be renamed, I think: subpages such as My Little Pony: Equestria Girls should be franchise-wide (sort of an index for the individual works + whatever examples that do not fit anywhere else) instead of just examples of the first film (as it currently is).

Maybe something such as "My Little Pony Equestria Girls (2013)"? Or the subtitle for the novelization and the first toyline: "My Little Pony Equestria Girls Through The Mirror"?

(It seems the topic has drifted...)
12:56:58 PM Oct 21st 2017
I don't think THAT is necessary, on the other hand. It's not uncommon for a Franchise to share the name of the first work in it, and no disambiguation beyond the namespace is needed.

Also, please note that the Franchise page has recently been added to the Franchise Namespace Correction sandbox, meaning it's unsure it will stay. It doesn't fit yet the three-namespace threshold for deserving the Franchise/ namespace, after all.
01:10:54 PM Oct 21st 2017
I was thinking about moving the first film to the "My Little Pony Equestria Girls (2013)". That would let us create dedicated franchise wide subpages.

I'd say Web Animation is the place for the Summertime Shorts and the upcoming Specials.

Should the novels or novelizations get their own page?
01:15:21 PM Oct 21st 2017
edited by DrakeClawfang
I see no reason why not. And agreed with moving the film and the Web Animation category for the specials and shorts. The specials are quite overdue for their own page collecting them, unless we want to group them with the web series.
01:22:05 PM Oct 21st 2017
Well, for the first film, if you really want to go through the hassle of correcting all the wicks afterward... there're currently 888 of them, not a small task.
01:23:48 PM Oct 21st 2017
Understood, then.
07:25:29 AM Oct 22nd 2017
edited by StFan
I have split the Summertime Shorts from the Movie Magic page, and also moved the Web Series page. I'll see toward splitting the shorts from 2nd and 3rd movies.

Now, that gives us two namespaces, WesternAnimation/ and WebAnimation/. A third one and the Franchise page would definitely be safe.

If would be nice if someone could create pages in Literature/ for Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine and/or Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise. I haven't read those books, unfortunately.

Edit: Wait, how many novels is there exactly? They aren't noted on the Franchise page, that's a glaring omission.
02:26:58 PM Oct 22nd 2017
There are 8 released novels with 3 pending release. Through The Mirror; Rainbow Rocks; The Mane Event; Sunset Shimmer's Time To Shine; The Friendship Games; Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise; The Legend Of Everfree; Magic, Magic Everywhere!; A Friendship To Remember; Rainbow Dash Brings The Blitz; Twilight's Science Fair Sparks (or something).

Out of the eight we know of, two (Sunset's and Twilight's books) are original stories in the vein of G. M. Berrow's chapter books. The rest are novelizations with varying degrees of faithfulness to the films/specials. The three new ones all have placeholder descriptions, so no idea what they are.

Other books that could have their own pages are the Canterlot High Tell-All and (especially) Wondercolts Forever: The Diary of Celestia and Luna.
04:17:28 PM Oct 22nd 2017
edited by StFan
Well, they should be listed on the Franchise page. Whether they get their own page each, or a common Literature/ page for all depends on the courage and time of the editor who tackle them. Again, I didn't read them.

The novelization of the films probably don't need to be expanded much beyond the mention on the pages for the movies. The original stories, on the other hand, should get properly troped.

Edit: Just saw it was already added to the franchise page before I added this comment. Good job.
09:38:43 AM Aug 8th 2017
Will there be pages for the "Wondercolts Forever" book and for the Summertime Shorts?
10:32:24 AM Aug 8th 2017
I think there should be — the summer shorts in particular are set to air through August, so there'll be certainly more than enough for a separate trope page; it might also be a good idea to make pages for the previous original novels (Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine and Twilight's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise).

And maybe for the Equestria Girls Minis shorts...

...and that Mexican musical (El Show En Vivo) that's been around since late 2015 (which, by the way, recently went to Argentina and will go to Chile later this year; maybe someone will bother to record and upload the whole thing?)

I've had this in mind for a while now... hmph.
10:51:08 AM Aug 8th 2017
So... when can we get started?
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