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11:27:28 PM Sep 16th 2014
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It was a little bit difficult to understand that WMG theories are meant to be jokes based on this programme note. I get it now, but the wording used to really confuse me. I think some people who make WMG entries still don't get the joke. Eh, I don't really know what I'm talking about. Sorry if I've annoyed anybody.
12:18:57 AM Jul 26th 2014
How do I comment and add my own theories
03:03:03 AM Jul 26th 2014
Just make an entry like this:

[[WMG: Summary of the theory]]
Description of the theory.

And add it to the page in question.

For commenting, you add a comment in a subbullet.

05:00:21 PM Mar 27th 2014
Is it okay to post a WMG that contradicts other ones?
03:45:05 AM Mar 28th 2014
04:51:48 PM Feb 11th 2014
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What, if anything, should be done when a reply to an entry is just work bashing? For example on the Hack/Slash page, there's this example, in relation to Bomb Queen, which seems to be a Love It or Hate It sort of series:

tThey look kind of similar; Cassie could've become like BQ, a psychotically depraved hedonistic thrill killer and the champion of psychos, if she had chosen a different path, or if she just completely snaps one day. Could possibly tie into the above.
  • Hack/Slash doesn't suck though.
    • Another tie-in to the opposites theory! :D
01:20:08 AM Feb 12th 2014
Remove. Complaining is not what these pages are for.
02:51:07 AM Feb 9th 2014
Where do serious guesses go? Based on the description of the Analysis namespace it doesn't seem like they're supposed to go there.
10:24:26 AM Feb 9th 2014
They can go here as well.
03:31:12 AM Jan 26th 2013
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There ought to be something about Wild Mass Guessing about kids shows. Now and then you have someone come along and take out WMGs that they feel disrupts the spirit of the kid's show. The stuff about Mister Rogers always having just come back from a drug deal at the beginning of the show, or that Steve from Blue's Clues could skiddoo into porn are all valid WMGs, but now and then folks take them off.

My own argument is that if there's a preschooler who is mature enough or enough of a prodigy to be reading TV Tropes, they can handle what's on there. However I'm sure the folks taking the things off are offended adults.
06:43:21 PM Mar 13th 2012
Spoilers seem really pointless for a WMG page, yet I see them pretty frequently. I'd love to add a note here discouraging spoiler tags, since almost anybody interested in wild theories about the work is already going to have consumed it. Perhaps an exception could be made for in-progress serials, though even that seems overly cautious. I know it's not a big deal, but it just makes things less readable for little reason.
07:51:31 PM Mar 13th 2012
(Of course, the same thing applies to Headscratchers and Fridge. The "emotional" sub-pages are more of a tossup since someone might conceivably want to check it out to see how awesome/scary/touching it is before checking out the work, but really YMMV is the only one that pretty clearly needs to be spoilered just as much as the main page.)
08:10:41 PM Jan 16th 2012
So where do the sensible theories go, then?
07:46:41 AM Jan 19th 2012
Maybe we should create a new trope for serious theories. But what constitutes serious?
08:22:56 AM Jan 19th 2012
I would say you need to have canon backing up your theory to post it in the first place, and if canon contradicts the theory, it should be removed.

This leaves comfortable overlap between WMG and sensible theories, so long as it doesn't go as far as saying someone's a time lord in a work other than Doctor Who.
06:40:25 PM Mar 13th 2012
The page does say the "deadly serious" theories still fall under the umbrella of WMG. I'd say that if it's clear it's meant in that light, feel free to debate its validity.
03:13:47 PM Feb 27th 2013
but it does create confusion, I'm with Old Nameless, we need a trope for perfectly serius, sensible theories. also serious theories tend to get lost in the sea of time lord accusations.
02:51:12 PM Jan 16th 2012
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Don't know if this should be added to this, but now and then on the WMG for a preschool kids show there are people who take the more adult minded WMGs out or say "It's just a kids show!"... I always want to say "You show me the three-year-old surfing TV Tropes and reading the WMG pages and we'll talk."
04:50:24 AM Jul 25th 2011
"The dead serious, the crazy-yet-scarily-accurate theories, and the out there with no basis theories all fit in WMG. Don't remove them just because they are Jossed or had barely any relation to reality."

There should be emphasis on this. I've saw a lot of jossed/confirmed entries in the WMG pages being deleted, even if the guidelines say the contrary.
11:38:39 AM Jan 22nd 2012
So does this mean that there shouldn't even be notes saying that a theory was Jossed or otherwise contradicted, since the pages are supposed to be the theories and supporting evidence?
06:39:08 PM Mar 13th 2012
Personally the way I see WMG pages (specifically the way I've seen them used on this site by many people) is as a discussion section for any theory, as crazy as it may be. I know the description says otherwise, but refuting a theory or offering up "what about x" questions doesn't seem like a big deal as long as it's not mean-spirited or interrupting the initial presentation of the theory by the original author. The important part is absolutely not deleting someone's theory or otherwise being unreceptive to some silly talk.
07:57:31 AM Dec 10th 2010
This page doesn't have advice on how to add a WMG note. Not sure if the convention is to add my guess at the top or the bottom of the existing list. Could we have at least a pothole pointing to helpful advice here? Thanks ...
04:49:25 AM Jul 25th 2011
Just edit the page as if you're going to edit a wiki page.