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07:13:37 PM Apr 22nd 2015
edited by hatespickingnames
I noticed this page is on the "Needs a Better Description" page and thought I'd give it a try. I tried to be more detailed and clear without going overboard. Here's what I wrote.

Super Paper Mario is the third game in Nintendo and Intelligent Systems' Paper Mario series, originally released for the Wii in 2007. Though it still has the same paper-like aesthetics and sense of humor as the first two games, it is notable for also making a number of departures from their formulas.

For one, the plot continues the trend towards greater seriousness that The Thousand Year Door started. The story begins with Mario and Luigi learning that Princess Peach has been kidnapped yet again. They naturally go off to face Bowser and get her back, only to find that he didn’t do it this time, at which point a mysterious fellow calling himself Count Bleck appears and reveals both that he is the one responsible and that Peach is instrumental to his plan to destroy the multiverse. He then whisks everyone else off to somewhere.

Some time later, Mario is awoken by a butterfly-like creature named Tippi, who says she is a type of fairy known as a Pixl. Tippi teleports Mario to a town called Flipside, where he learns that Bleck’s plan is to fulfill a prophecy in a book called The Dark Prognosticus, which predicts the end of all worlds through an artifact called the Chaos Heart upon the union of “a fair and lovely princess” and “a furious monster king,” hence why he needed Peach and took Bowser. In order to stop him, Mario needs to collect eight artifacts of his own called Pure Hearts, which are scattered throughout various worlds across the multiverse.

The gameplay is an even bigger change. While the first two games were turn based RPGs with some action elements mixed in, this game is a primarily side scrolling Puzzle Platformer with RPG Elements. One of the main features is Mario’s ability to “flip” into 3D, which is necessary for solving a lot of puzzles, and can also reveal otherwise inaccessible items and areas. Beyond that, the player will also find many other Pixls beyond Tipi; they come in a wide variety of shapes and each provide a different ability for puzzle solving and/ or combat (e.g. a hand-shaped pixl can help reach far off objects and pick up certain enemies to throw at others.) Finally, the player will come across an eventual total of three other characters to switch between controlling instead of Mario. None of them can “flip” like Mario can, but they each have alternate abilities of their own instead.

So, what does everyone think? Is this an improvement? If so, and even if not, where can it be further improved?
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