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10:20:09 AM Apr 26th 2012
The current main article description screams Gushing About Shows You Like.

Should it be made less "This game is awesome and noone complains"?
11:57:31 AM Jul 2nd 2012
Well, it does have a section about critics' complaints, which were actually few and far between from what I've seen. Maybe adding a bit about how some Bioware fans felt it was "dumbed down" would help? That sentiment is definitely out there.
12:07:54 PM Jul 2nd 2012
Folks, reception by fans or critics does not go on a main page. On the YMMV tab, if anything.

And "balance" is a #@! deprecated weasel word. No, just put the opinions over on the YMMV tab.
01:05:15 PM Jul 4th 2012
In that case, should the last little paragraph on the main page's description be excised entirely? It just seems to detail critical reception.
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