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01:50:45 AM Oct 14th 2013
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Hydro Globus: Why does this article stink of being Written By The Victors? I realize that in a civil war, the losers generally integrate, but this frankly reads like propaganda.
12:58:22 AM Jan 3rd 2014
How does it read like propaganda? Examples?
11:05:29 PM Jun 23rd 2014
'Stink'? 'Propaganda'...? I never take such claims personally but that's a bit far, surely. You'll have to be more specific, moreover.
11:27:44 AM Jul 7th 2014
Yeees, let's be nice to the slaver aristocracy and their plutocratic ethnic state...
11:47:56 AM Jul 7th 2014
There are plenty of people who think that the Civil War was not about slavery. They are a fringe viewpoint, though.

Anyhow, I question why we have a trope list here. The Civil War is not a story.
03:36:10 PM Jul 24th 2014
Yeah, tropes don't apply to Real Life...
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