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Basically, a comic populated by anthropomorphic and zoomorphic characters, ranging from Talking Animals to Funny Animals (see Furry Lens) to Beast Men (common in science fiction and fantasy, you get a bunch of humanoids that look like animals), with characters that look like cuter versions of escapees from the island of Dr. Moreau.

More commonly than not, Furry Comics have mammalian stars, probably because it is easier to anthropomorphize something that's morphologically closer to humans, although high primates like gorillas and chimpanzees are often too close with Unfortunate Implications in racial themes. Still, many of this kind of comics rely on animal behaviour humour as an easy source of jokes.

Although Funny Animals are an easy source of humour (Funny Animals, anyone?) and cuteness, it's an easy target for Rule 34 (if not a consequence of it), to the point that fans and authors of innocent Furry Comics might get really offended about the sole mention of it.

Disclaimer: Despite the name, Furry Comics don't necessarily have to be remotely involved with the Furry Fandom (Popularity, withstanding). These are just comics that star anthropomorphic animals. The same goes for Furry Webcomics.

See also Furry Webcomics for its Internet equivalent.

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