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06:43:58 PM Jul 14th 2015
  • Donkey Kong Jr, from his self-titled game, befuddled some gamers by arguably being a playable villain out to save the Big Bad of his game's predecessor, and seemingly killing Mario, the biggest gaming hero ever, at the end. (Fortunately, it was a Disney Death.) Then he also got some snide remarks about his goofy appearance, and some gamers preferred killing him and watching his funny death animation to actually playing through the game.

While my age was in the single digits at the time, this doesn't sound right at all. For one thing, how could Mario possibly be called "the biggest gaming hero ever" at the time? Donkey Kong Jr was only the second game Mario ever appeared in. At this point in gaming history he had been a hero 50% of the time and a villain 50% of the time.
05:37:37 AM Jul 15th 2015
Scrappiness doesn't necessarily have to be at the time the game came out. Scrappy himself was hugely popular at launch, after all.

And by the time DKJ reached its widest audience, Mario was already pretty big. Not to mention DKJ Math which was... controversial, and I could be DKJ getting residual hate from that.
10:11:47 PM Jun 15th 2015
Does anybody mind if I make a sub-section for BlazBlue overall? It has... quite a lot of potential to get crowded, what with the nature of the game.
02:52:56 PM Jan 20th 2015
I'm honestly surprised that Bubsy isn't on this list despite having gone down as one of the most unlikeable video game characters in history. Same goes for Awesome Possum.
02:49:34 PM May 14th 2014
Why doesn't the scrappy section about Ashley mention her racism and brusqueness? That seems to be the prevailing reason fans hate her, after all.
04:01:57 AM Apr 24th 2014
To clarify in the Mass Effect entry, Kaidan is not the only biotic on the team besides Liara. There's Shepard if you make him/her a Biotic class (Adept, Sentinel or Vanguard) or give him/her a biotic bonus power, and there's your Prothean squadmate Javik. Granted, unfortunately he was DLC at first but that's been partially rectified now.
04:45:22 AM Jan 8th 2014
Why was the Ace Attorney folder removed?
11:23:24 PM Oct 25th 2012
Would Taran Zhu from World of Warcraft fit? From what I saw, no one likes him and he's quite a polarizing figure in Pandaria.
03:55:50 AM Apr 24th 2014
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That is debatable, though he'd more likely fit under Jerkass Has a Point. Some of his complaints about the Alliance and the Horde bringing their war to Pandaria are legitimate. Then again, the Pandaren have a tendency to bury their problems rather than deal with them. Eg; Emperor Shaohao purged the negative emotions from his body, feeding the Sha and helping them grow, the giant wall they built to block the Mantid, some of who can FLY.
07:28:58 AM Oct 9th 2012
In the Dragon Age section I removed the line about Isolde's actions preventing Alistair from being taken off to the circle, not because I'm part of her hatdom(I'm neutral on her), but because no such thing happened; Alistair isn't, wasn't, never has been and never will be a mage(in Dragon Age it's something you're born with and he wasn't), and thus was never in danger from such a fate.
08:55:05 AM Aug 28th 2012
edited by VictorDamazio
Ok, changed my mind.
06:57:30 PM Nov 9th 2012
First off, that passage is literally a headache to read; a little more generous use of periods and proper grammar would go a long way in helping keep edits like that from being changed and/or outright axed. Additionally, said paragraph does little in the way of analyzing why this is the case, instead opting to use outdated reasoning and the entirely vague general conscience of the series' Hate Dom that ends up painting a poor and outright false image of the franchise as a whole. And lastly, unless you are willing to add a detailed Scrappy entry for every single supporting character in the franchise, then "everybody hates all of the characters sans Sonic & Eggman 'cuz First Installment Wins" holds absolutely no proven ground whatsoever.
08:57:39 AM Aug 19th 2012
edited by VictorDamazio
And also, in the Sonic section, they removed the lines about Shadow:

  • Shadow the Hedgehog gets some of hatedom along with fandom, many people consider him just a lame Evil Counterpart of Sonic made just to fit this trope, and also consider his Totally Radical attitude worst than Sonic's, and don't care for all his backstory since the best Sonic games had an Excuse Plot, and don't forget his own game, that had stuff like guns and motorcycles just for making him look cool.

I really want to add that again, Shadow is not hated by everyone, he has a lot of fandom, but he gets a lot of hatedom.

Well, should he be in the page Broken Base?
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