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02:03:12 PM Sep 20th 2015
What is this from? Is it a fanfic?
11:31:37 PM Nov 6th 2013
Should Loki be included here he's like deceived and manipulated almost everyone in the Marvel Universe.
11:37:29 PM Nov 6th 2013
edited by
....He is the Norse God of Mischief and Lies, so yes.
07:46:07 AM Nov 17th 2011
Does Batman really belong here? He doesn't seem the type to put up with the Council's shenanigans.
02:39:06 PM Dec 22nd 2010
Okat I don't intent to go on an edit war on Ocelot's alignment. Still, I kinda doubt Ocelot is anything Neutral.

PS. doing many, many evil deeds still makes one under Dn D rules Evil even if you work towards a Good goal(and under these Dn D rules stealing when it is just convinnient is considered an entirely appropriate activity to do for Good aligned characters). Why else do you see Well Intentioned Extremists getting listed in the Lawful Evil page, hmmm? ;)
05:19:11 PM Dec 22nd 2010
The problem is, Ocelot doesn't really fit into D&D alignment. He's chaotic in that he fights the established order and wants to increase freedom, but lawful in that he's the head of an organization that he leads as a traditional Evil Overlord type. He appears to betray a lot- but only because he's loyal to Big Boss, and was simply lying to everyone else, making him actually quite loyal and trustworthy, despite being a betrayal poster boy. He does a lot of evil acts, but rarely ever puts civilians in direct danger- that's usually the person he's in the process of "betraying", and focuses his attacks on Patriots patsies and bluffing, as he literally makes threats for the sole purpose of getting Solid Snake to thwart him- he'd probably be actually alarmed if one of his more malicious plans wasn't thwarted. He has so many layers upon layers of duplicity, honesty, malignancy and kindness that to categorize him as lawful belies his chaotic behavior, to categorize him as chaotic fails to match his singularity of purpose and obedience to the his own law and the law of Big Boss. To call him good fails to fit his terrorist actions, but to call him evil ignores the fact that the actions were bluffs and misdirection meant to minimize deaths and maximize aid to Snake. He's just too fucking xanatosy to classify properly.
08:13:25 AM Dec 23rd 2010
edited by KSonik
[[striketext: While I am not going to argue that Ocelot himself is evil anymore]], there does exist the concept of Evil aligned characters working towards a Good end, for example King Kaius(officially Lawful Evil) from Ebberon and Rary from Greyhawk(canonically Neutral Evil). Still there is no real relevance of talking about Ocelot's alignment.
11:15:11 PM Aug 11th 2010
edited by Inferno232
So, this is a council for MagnificentBastards and Crazy-Prepared characters? I thought it was a villain council until I saw Bats and Shikamaru...

Anyhow, I think his antics in Advent Children qualify Rufus Shinra for... Something. Maybe Corrupt Corporate Executive? Though, something else may fit him better...
12:08:39 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by ExplodingFrogs
The god in question has to exist elsewhere in the Pantheon, first. Also, Corrupt Corporate Executive is already taken—see Looten Plunder in the House of Commerce.
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