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Describe Exploding Frogs here.

There's not much to describe, really. I visit this wiki at least once a day, and make occasional contributions. Most of these are rather minor, and my memory is a bit fuzzy, but here's what I can remember off the top of my head:

  • At least half of the examples involving the Lord of Nightmares are my work, including her ascension to the Trope Pantheons. I also ascended Xellos, and have added or edited a couple of examples involving him. Yes, I am a huge fan of Slayers; it was one of my first anime, and Xellos remains one of my favorite characters to this day.
  • While I am not responsible for most of Soul Nomad's trope examples (in fact, I bought the game after reading about it on this wiki), I have added a couple here and there. I am also responsible for ascending Gig, Virtuous, and the Onyx Blade.
  • Speaking of Trope Pantheons, I was the one who did the description of the House of Life And Death at the top of that page.
  • I am the creator of The Underworld. (The article, not the actual metaphysical place. I'm not nearly cosmically important enough for that.)
  • While I didn't create the Power of the Void, I did rejigger its description to something more evocative and, well...descriptive.
  • I've recently fallen in love with Exalted, and have added quite a few trope examples to various articles. I also ascended the Celestial Incarnae, Autochthon, and the Ebon Dragon to the Pantheon.
  • I am most certainly not a member of a secret conspiracy on this very wiki. There are no secret conspiracies on this wiki. Why would you think that?

And...that's it, really. I told you there wasn't much to describe.

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