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03:47:10 AM Apr 9th 2013
Can we please change the image on the main page to something a lot more respective to the source material?
04:42:01 AM Apr 9th 2013
You got a suggestion?
07:08:19 PM Apr 23rd 2013
The cover to season 1 volume 10
09:26:50 AM Sep 28th 2012
edited by Mika
This line bothers me 'The Monster of the Week; after all, they are monsters, and are neither known for civility nor self-control.' There are some humans whom are Ax Crazy as well, which is listed on the Ax Crazy trope itself. Even though these creatures are not real that still not give anyone the right to stereotype them as their is some sort of double standards between humans and sapient non-humans. Not all if the monsters are shown to be Ax Crazy anyway. Moka's mother Akasha Blooddrive is not shown to be ax-crazy,and Moka both inner and outer have are not be Ax Crazy. Inner Moka is somewhat arrogent, which is not the same as Ax-crazy. Also is Moka sister Kahlua qualifies as ax-crazy that does not seem to be the case for me as she just working for the bad guys, whom her mother is head over. San Otonashi is a siren and she is not Ax Crazy and as a matter of fact and is not shown to do anything evil at all. I do not recall Also not all evil nor 'jerkish' people are 'Ax-Crazy' either so it should be explain why some of the monster's of the week are ax-crazy rather than simply just being monsters. This is based on what I have read in the manga. Although I agree with the monsters of the week being ax-crazy that does not make all monsters ax-crazy.
03:38:10 AM Oct 1st 2012
That isn't what Monster of the Week is. The term comes from The X-Files (if I remember it correctly) where the show mostly contained either episodes about the myth-arc or episodes about a monster that are defeated during the episode and never mentioned again.

This applies to R+V in that in the earlier chapters the monster are one-shots villains that are defeated and then, for the most part, they are never the villain again. And while a few of the monsters appear again only one is the villain (Saizo) and that's after the series grows the beard and his appearence is the start of a new arc.
08:49:25 AM Sep 20th 2012
Do not revert edits about which you know nothing. A "Rosary" is a very specific prayer necklace that has a crucifix, NOT a cross (Look on the Other Wiki...there are no alternate entries for "Rosary") - The "In Name Only" entry about Moka's "Rosary" is correct.
11:21:53 AM Sep 20th 2012
No, it is not. Whether it's really a rosary or a necklace doesn't matter. In-Name-Only refers to a derivative work being so different from the work it took its name from that the only thing actually tying it to the original work is the title. It has nothing to do with items being named after something they are not.
02:05:37 PM Sep 20th 2012
I'm pretty sure the word "Rosary" is in the title of this Anime...and the "Rosary" to which it refers is not, in fact, the actual type of "Rosary" it's named after. Thus, it applies.
02:20:28 PM Sep 20th 2012
edited by lu127
That's a rather twisted interpretation of the trope. A Rosary is not a work and this manga isn't actually derived from another source. This trope needs works to compare to one another.

In-Name-Only refers to things like Romeo X Juliet, where despite the names and the setting being derived from the original theatrical play, they end up so vividly different that only the surface is the same. Or Final Fantasy Legends, where while bearing the Final Fantasy name, it shares none of the actual characteristics of the games.
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