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02:33:22 PM May 31st 2018
Since no one responded to my question on the Nanoha page I'll ask here as well, how the heck does the article listed qualify as "Word of Gay"? Tsuzuki did NOT say that Fate was Vivio's "father", only that she and Vivio keep in touch to the same level as a child would with a father who works far from home. And even if you could argue that "oh, that totally means she's her 'father'", that still only determines the relationship between Vivio and Fate, not Nanoha and Fate. Fate didn't "adopt" Vivio, she just declared herself to be her "godmother" and said that this made her effectively a parent as well.

Please understand that, just like I said when I tried to remove this item, I am not trying to suggest that they aren't in such a relationship. I'd say that's pretty much a given really. But just because something's so obvious it goes without saying doesn't mean that a statement that seems like it might imply this qualifies as "Word of God". If there are other articles or quotes, that'd be better than this article. I just can't help but feel like using this article is a serious stretch of the trope.
06:29:48 PM Jun 1st 2018
You're reading too much into this. That's all I'm going to say.
08:36:30 AM Jul 6th 2017
I would like if a source for this could be found, like a quote from Rodney Greenblat:

Lammy was later confirmed to be gay, and in a relationship with Katy.

Thanks a lot

05:52:08 AM Jun 1st 2017
This is quickly becoming just a list of times creators have had to clarify a character's sexuality or the nature of a particular relationship, which is great and useful in its own right. But I thought Word of Gay was specifically for works where that wasn't in the original series at all or it was subtext/unclear, like Harry Potter or The Legend of Korra, and therefore the creator statement was what "canonized" it. There are a lot of shows here, like Revolutionary Girl Utena, where the work itself makes it pretty darn clear, and the creator statement was just reinforcing it. Should we make a distinction there?

Again, there are fandom holdouts who deny even the second group of works, so having a list to use to say "you're wrong because Word of God" is still useful. But I feel like this trope could use some clarifying, and maybe re-organizing examples could help. (Then again, where each works falls on that spectrum might be its own Internet Backdraft this page doesn't need.)
12:30:06 AM Aug 10th 2013
In Warcraft 3, one of the "easter egg" lines for the Far Seer Orc hero is.... "Touch your tongue to mine".
11:43:27 AM Jul 10th 2013
The back cover of the Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty script book off-handedly refers to Baldrick as Edmund's catamite. I don't know who wrote the blurb, or if they had any inside knowledge though. So it probably doesn't count, right?
12:35:24 AM Mar 26th 2013
It says in a few places on this site that Fang and Vanille of Final Fantasy XIII have been confirmed lovers by Square-Enix, but it doesn't say where they confirmed this, and I can't find anything about it on Google.
07:10:05 PM Dec 5th 2012
Officer Caroline Paski in Signs. Both M. Night Shyamalan and Cherry Jones have called that character a lesbian.

Mrs. Clack (another Jones role) in Shyamalan's The Village, though she counts more as "ambiguously gay" since she was flirting with Ivy Walker in one scene. Shyamalan, Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard were all "in on" that story.
08:42:29 PM Oct 2nd 2011
A theory: Dumbledore is a homoromantic asexual. He does seem to be a Celibate Hero.
05:43:23 PM Aug 21st 2012
edited by SuiCaedere
07:13:45 PM Apr 27th 2011
edited by JJBF
  • "Me and @Simon Pegg once wrote some Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman slash fiction. It was called HOT FUZZ." - Edgar Wright, director of Hot Fuzz.
    • That was most likely a joke, it shouldn't be taken as Word of Gay.

Removed obvious joke, Natter."

Are we really sure we can just write this off as a joke? I mean... Yes, they were having fun, writing snippets of slash fic on twitter - but then, they were writing snippets of slash fic on twitter. There is also the fact that Nicholas originally had a girlfriend, who was cut from the script and many of whose lines and subplots went to Danny in the final draft.

On a similar subject, would anyone object if I added the following bit to the page?

" could be convincingly argued that Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman are partly the product of a fictional union between Starsky and Hutch; fictional because men can't have babies and they wouldn't have had sex anyway. Although Danny and Nicholas might." - Nerd Do Well, Simon Pegg's autobiography.
09:33:01 AM Apr 6th 2011
"Tom and Carl, the two local Advisory Senior wizards from Young Wizards. They share a house but other than that could be mistaken for Heterosexual Life Partners. This is probably due to them being expies of the two major characters from her significantly less popular Door In To... series, in which the characters were explicitly lovers."

This really isn't Word Of Gay, imo, since the author has never explicitly stated it.

While it's implied, somewhat, in the books that the characters are gay... this entire section, including the characters being taken from the authors' other series... seems more like someone's pet theory than actual fact.
02:58:15 AM Aug 29th 2010
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow is bisexual, at least according to Johnny Depp himself. Not that Sparrow is likely to admit that in the 18th century.
...He's a bloody pirate! Being outed as plundering the chests of his own team, so to speak, isn't going to give him any harsher social judgment than his profession already does! That said, there totally needs to be a jilted male lover in some port in the next one.
08:44:14 PM Apr 12th 2011
I have removed the comments by zeshroomaster and Twin Bird that included calling each other idiot, homophobe and fucking idiot. Not the way to discuss whether or not an example belongs on the page. If you can't discuss the example without resulting to these tactics you may need to walk away from the page for a bit.
07:42:37 AM Apr 21st 2011
More comments removed. What's so hard about having a civil conversation, folks?
05:03:57 PM Aug 3rd 2010
Page picture is made of win. Any idea where it comes from?
03:37:45 AM Jun 22nd 2010
edited by NewCope
Unfortunately, his successor Ian Flynn has refused to follow up on this, beating Rotor down into the Extra spot again, refusing to comment on the Word either way (neither confirming nor denying it), and even going so far as to torture him and (possibly) killing his boyfriend during a revisit of the "X Years Later" storyline.

^^I removed the bolded line from the entry on Rotor Walrus. It's not exactly fair to accuse Flynn of Bury Your Gays when the story in question was published three years before Ken Penders revealed that he intended Rotor to be gay.
03:40:34 PM Jun 3rd 2010
I'm feeling quite like cutting the following would be a public service

  • This Troper has also heard Bioware state that they didn't do M/M options because they didn't have any gay male writers on the team and didn't think they could portray the relationship realistically. The other romance options in the game make this smell even more like bullshit than it already does; so there actually is a woman at Bioware involved in a sexual relationship with a blue monogendered alien? There's a man whose girlfriend has to always wear a purple hazmat suit? Most likely, this is just Bioware's way of either trying to make "Girl On Girl Is Hot, Guy on Guy is Gross" sound less bigoted, or trying to tell people ''we had a deadline, sorry" without blaming Electronic Arts.
  • Which also seems fishy, since they've said time and time again that there is no canon Shepard - that every player character is the protagonist of their own story. Mind you, since the merchandising is pretty much to the tune of "straight white male saves the day!", that might just have been another dodge to placate anyone who might take issue with this.

Mostly because it's a rant that lacks substance. Beyond the fact that Bioware's unlikely to get flack for unrealistically portraying romances between humans and creatures that don't exist, while they would likely get a lot of flack for portraying an unrealistic gay relationship. Not to mention that they've said in interviews that they view Sheperd as being a character the player directs, not a cipher for the player.
08:19:42 PM Jun 3rd 2010
They are portraying gay relationships, though. Just of the socially acceptable girl on girl variety (and yes, I'm counting Fem Shep and Liara among them. Monogendered, yet conveniently female in all vital aspects, etc, etc...). It's the lack of male homosexuality (boy on boy is icky, after all, so saith society) that's perpetuating an annoying double standard.

With my point clarified, however, I give my blessing to cut at will, should it be deemed necessary. My portion of it was a rant, borne of frustration with he subject. Though I will stand by every word of it.
12:24:55 AM Jun 7th 2010
edited by fanboymaster
I don't mean to be confrontational, I just don't think it really belongs here (especially given that Bioware has had a couple of games that allowed gay male romances in the past, one of which was in development concurrently with ME 1 and 2). If there's any lingering problem I'd rather work it out. I'd be fine with leaving in the idea that they keep cutting them at the last minute, it's mentioned elsewhere on this wiki that they keep trying and it seems too low on the priorities list.
12:47:53 AM May 21st 2010
So, uh, can we safely remove the gigantic block of natter under the His Dark Materials entry?
06:45:53 PM May 24th 2010
I think so.
09:56:56 PM May 12th 2010
Rinny: When was it stated that the Narrator from Fight Club is gay?

Or for that matter, Miles Edgeworth. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Miles being gay is fanon.

Seriously, alot of these are without sources.

Jumpingzombie: In Fight Club there are some gay undertones, but the creators never out and out said the narrator or Tyler were gay. The Ho Yay in the book and movie were there to make the viewer more uncomfortable with the already weird story.

Big T: Neither the Narrator or Tyler can be gay. Both flat out want to have sex with a certain woman. And they're the same person, so you can't argue that Tyler was gay and only had sex with that one girl to piss off the Narrator.
11:24:17 AM Apr 8th 2011
edited by zeshroomster
The gay undertones primarily come from a line in the opening chapter, where the narrator talks about wanting Tyler. People focused on that, instead of the line following, where the narrator explains that it's ownership instead of love, which makes since, given the plot twist at the end.

Lol, just realized this is a year old.
03:20:47 AM Mar 12th 2012

Actually, it was creator confirmed that Edgeworth isn't attracted to women. It's possible he's aromantic asexual or homoromantic asexual, but most people went with the subtext and went with the assumption of him being gay.
01:38:16 AM Jun 28th 2014
Can someone please tell me where it is said that Irma Lair was gay in the cartoon? People just say 'Well Greg said so'.

I don't recall him every saying anything like that. Even if he mentioned it it's more than likely it was supposed to be a joke, because it's obvious she has a crush on a kid in her school. She also goes gaga over a boy band, so there's that.
02:23:44 AM Feb 10th 2016
Super late reply but to quote what goes around:

The Blue Mug A Guest officially began when Thom entered he room. It was not quite as Blue as 2003 but it was Bluer than last year. Some questions were about the 2nd season DVD and the comic. Greg mentioned he felt that one of the girls in W.I.T.C.H. might be a lesbian. Andrea shouts out. "It's not Irma is it?" Greg's response: "How did you know it was Irma?"
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