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05:11:37 PM Apr 29th 2015
Removed a lot of Supernatural examples, as most of them are just characters who undergo a single Heel–Face Turn or Face–Heel Turn.

  • Meg was consistently an enemy of the Winchesters for the first six seasons, then turns to their side out of love for Castiel and hatred of Crowley. She never turned back.
  • Ruby was just an ally who turned out to be Evil All Along. She never switched sides.
  • Gabriel and Balthazar were villains who allied with Team Free Will due to Even Evil Has Standards before being killed. Neither ever went back to being a villain.
  • Anna was an ally who was brainwashed into turning against Team Free Will and then killed off. She never went back to the Winchesters' side.

05:21:48 PM Apr 29th 2015
I'd say Gabriel counts, because yes, he did ally with Team Free Will, but basically all of his appearances except for his final one are him more or less just screwing with the Winchesters (being, at best, a Trickster Mentor).
05:29:15 PM Mar 25th 2013
Can The Joker count?
01:16:21 PM Aug 26th 2012
I'd agrue that the wild card is in terms of alignment, Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral, in contradiction to what the page says.

Reason: I think of it as an extreme manifestation of the alignments in question, being completely unpredictable.
12:34:42 PM Nov 29th 2010
edited by cclospina
Remove Lelouch, Because almost always is of same team.
01:04:17 PM Sep 19th 2015
edited by 434411423124222344
How is this a Character Flaw?

EDIT: Sorry, pressed Reply instead of New Topic. My bad.
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