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04:01:25 AM Nov 3rd 2015
What is the difference between Troperiffic and Trope Overdosed?
07:25:02 PM Jun 19th 2014
lOL. Cracked made a poster for you guys? XD

Well, that's nice. ^^;

All of the amusing stuff I've seen from that site seems pretty weird. XD So is the old school site funnyjunk, which has some NSFW stuff in it. :p
04:21:46 AM Feb 8th 2014
Anyone know how the trope's current name was coined? And more specifically, where the "-iffic" suffix came from, since English only has "-ific"?
05:37:14 AM Feb 8th 2014
I think it's a pronunciation thing - it sounds more like "ff".
06:27:56 PM Jun 7th 2013
The laconic says this is when there are many cliches, which is Cliché Storm. The description of this trope implies it's specific to tropes, which are not (necessarily) cliches. Should the laconic be changed?
08:16:02 PM Feb 1st 2013
Well, all discussion about Troperiffic examples, and yet... NO MENTION OF THE GUNDAM FRANCHISE IN ITS ENTIRETY?!
01:49:11 AM Feb 2nd 2013
Well then, add the mention.
05:38:14 AM Jul 15th 2012
Here's the link to the page image in its original size.
12:17:04 PM Oct 27th 2011
A little disturbing how well the example story so obviously describes Star Wars. I suppose it describes nearly every other fantasy-hero story too, but that one immediately comes to mind... Obi-Wan jumping on a Vader grenade, "Kid" Luke realizing his latent Heroic Jedi Willpower, facing the Big Bad Vader, who turns on the evil Emperor overlord. Etc.
09:05:45 PM May 9th 2011
What is the most troperific of each folder in terms of tropes listed on their page? Does anyone wanna take a stab at this?
02:01:26 PM Mar 29th 2011
Should this trope just be merged with Cliché Storm? There's no real difference between them except that Troperiffic is presented as inherently good (which goes against one of this wiki's rules) while a Cliché Storm is usually bad, but can be done well. If that's the case, shouldn't they be considered two sides of the same trope?
10:59:09 AM Oct 20th 2010
We should sell posters of 'TV Tropes: The Movie' . . . they would sell
11:28:17 AM Mar 7th 2010
edited by KorKhan
I'll reiterate an issue I raised in the previous discussion: Does anyone think we could find a better image for this trope than the current one? The picture on the page at the moment is a serious case of Just a Face and a Caption, only exacerbated by the fact that the face in question is a secondary character in a fairly obscure game. Aside from the issue of whether this trope can be captured in a a single image in the first place, doesn't troperiffic normally apply to entire works rather than individual characters?
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