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09:20:28 AM Nov 29th 2013
I was looking at this page, and wondered whether Morph Weapon (or works which incorporate them) belongs in here somewhere - it can be a ranged weapon or a melee weapon, but not both at the same time. Particularly thinking of God Eater Burst (the God Arcs) and some Kamen Rider shows.
10:04:29 AM Feb 26th 2014
probably not, morph weapon has its own page
09:57:03 PM Feb 13th 2012
edited by Cider
This trope seems oddly specific or maybe just too narrow in what it doesn't include.

The title suggest someone who uses a fire arm and a blade, like a musketeer but for some reason if they happen to hold both at the same time when fighting they don't count? That's Sword and Gun? Eh why does it matter if they switch up or do both together? What if they some times switch up and other times do both together.

A separate trope for dual wielding? There's already Dual Wielding. So dual wielding is only swords? Will their be a page for holding two knives, two axes, two sticks or two shields? Guns Akimbo? It seems like this could all be made simpler by putting all "two weapons in two hands" on one page. One page for all duel wielding. Then we won't have two separate pages about the same weapons combo.
10:05:15 AM Feb 26th 2014
Agreed, this is why you don't launch a page with only one hat.
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