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12:56:29 PM May 14th 2010
Interesting fact: the word kuso literally means "excrements", so you'd think "shit" or at least "crap" would be the most appropriate translation... but judging by the overuse of the word in even some of the more kid-friendly anime, language-wise "shit" would sometimes be too strong of an equivalent here, which is why the translation is normally adjusted depending on the source.
12:31:54 AM Jun 24th 2016
edited by lavendermintrose
K: Missing Kings official subs translate it as "shit" (when Misaki calls Kuroh "kuso-inu" instead of his actual nickname "kuro-inu") and it still has a PG rating. "Shit" is just not all that offensive anymore.

Also, it would come off as very incongruous for a character like Misaki to not be swearing like he does in the dub, even if it's not a literal translation of what he says in Japanese.
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