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Rated R Fan Sub Rated G show
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Do We Have This One??

So your favorite anime is coming over from Japan. You've followed this show almost religiously using fansubs and are interested in how the localizers will handle it. What's this? The Double Entendre dialogue and UST has been replaced with No Hugging, No Kissing. That one character who always launched into a Cluster F-Bomb is using Unusual Euphemism instead! Surely the American distributors are to blame for this Macekre!

Except the show is a more-or-less faithful translation of the original. The dirty jokes and language of the fansub was actually added by the fansubber in an attempt to "improve" the show. This is when you have Rated R Fan Sub Rated G Show.


  • Early Dragon Ball Z fansubs added almost hilarious amounts of Obligatory Swearing when the original didn't have that much.
  • Video game example: Fans complained when Tales of Phantasia was officially released in the United States because of perceived censorship. Too bad all of the dirty jokes they loved so much were added in by the fan-translators.
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