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05:45:07 PM Feb 3rd 2014
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I think the MGLN section for this trope needs to be edited. It describes the TSAB as being helpful and understanding, when that is at odds with what we see in the show. It's debatable, considering the higher-ups and how corrupt they are. I mean, they employ child soldiers, and look at what happens to Nanoha, she gets CRIPPLED. And then they put Fate on trial despite the fact that she is a KID, possibly as an excuse to bully her to join them. It was no secret they wanted her as an agent because of her power. And hell, that one line even positively acknowledge the absence of child labor laws in a good light, and that is NOT a good thing to boast about. Overall, the trope needs to acknowledge that they treat children as adults, but not glorify it, because that is both a good AND a bad thing.
03:23:32 AM Nov 8th 2012
Does social clout count as "authority"? I have no idea, but if it doesn't count, then Fancy Pants needs to go.
10:28:17 PM Apr 15th 2012
I'm in favor of striking this example wholesale:

"California Republican Darrell Issa and Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden has become well loved for this across the Internet. He and Wyden are the biggest foes of the widely loathed Stop Online Piracy Act, and are the complete opposites of its author, Lamar Smith. Democrat or Republican, it's hard to find an internet user who DOESN'T at least respect Issa."

As well-known as SOPA is in comparison to most legislation, a perceived "reasonableness" on one particular issue does not make a Reasonable Authority Figure out of the entire careers of Issa or Wyden. And while I'm no fan of Smith, the potholes in his name to ((Jerkass)) and Corrupt Politician are completely uncalled for.

Frankly, naming sitting politicians for this kind of trope sets a bad precedent, I think. I've witnessed a few Issa hearings in-person, and...well, let's just say there's some major Your Mileage May Vary here and leave it at that.
09:15:17 PM Nov 19th 2010
I took out Kimblee. While I guess you could say that he's more reasonable than you'd expect a mass-murdering psycho to be, I wouldn't say he fits this trope.

His men hate and fear him and in the process of doing his job, he callously nearly killed his two chimera bodyguards. Not to mention that he pretty much threatens to kill Winry if Ed doesn't follow orders.

All in all, I'd put him more in the Bad Boss category.
09:33:14 PM Jul 28th 2010
Moved the following quote off the main page and into Quotes since it really doesn't seem to have anything to do with this trope. This trope is about authority figures who listen to heroes and are reasonable:

The Evil Overlord kills for fun and profit. The Good Overlord kills for the good of his nation. The "Pacifist Overlord" is more accurately described as "The Former-Overlord". Odd Hat, When I Am The Benevolent Overlord
05:41:49 PM Feb 3rd 2014
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DELETED. It's my first time posting in a dicussion. Sorry. The layout confused me.
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