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Dumbledore: Such a good example he made the list twice :D

My God, the description of The Emperor was the greatest I've ever read.

Deadpool Fan:

  • Senator Palpatine of Star Wars is an eminently Reasonable Authority Figure. He's on the ball in terms of senate politics in episode I and advises queen Amidala on how to shake up the senate to help Naboo. In episode II he's clued in enough to send senator Amidala to safety, and in III he's very supportive of Anakin's ambitions, all while helping lead The Republic in a war against the clearly evil Confederacy. It's thanks to his timely wisdom that the treacherous Jedi rebellion was put down so easily, and in reward the senate made him the first emperor of the Galactic Empire.

I'm sorry, while I admit its very funny the example doesn't really count. One should probably say its an inversion or a subversion. That an evil character looks like the example. I just don't think ity fits properly, even if it is funny.

Earnest: Let me jot that down as an inversion on the main page then.

Earnest: I'd like to ask any Transformers Animated fans whether this is the same Ultra Magnus as the one Horrible Judge of Character. Is he really a reasonable horrible judge of character?