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11:43:29 AM Jun 19th 2014
Pulled these examples for lacking content. Who Rages Against the Heavens, why do they rage, and what form does their rage take?
  • Saint Beast: The premise behind the series is disharmony in Heaven and revenge against Zeus.
  • The central premise of Angel Beats!. Subverted: The characters wish they could Rage Against the Heavens, but, well, they can't seem to even find the heavens. Their efforts only end up hurting themselves.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion...maybe. Who can tell?
  • Bleach has Aizen to fulfill this trope. It seems the whole reason he did ANYTHING was because he thought people should be masters of their own destiny.
11:35:02 AM Jun 19th 2014
Pulled this example. Aside from painful overuse of spoiler tags, it doesn't actually mention any Rage Against the Heavens.
  • The anime Angel Sanctuary; in addition, the manga goes above and beyond this, where God is presented as disinterested in the affairs of Earth and Heaven, remaining aloof even when the structures of both are crumbling down. As it turns out, God truly doesn't care about the damage being done throughout the series, having designed the universe as a means to test an equation. And in the end he tries to destroy the current creation with those creepy baby angel things. Alexiel and Rosiel were apparently created to destroy the world as well. It's complicated.
07:41:59 AM Aug 18th 2012
Does this trope apply if a single god is trying to kill or subjugate other gods? Or must it strictly be mortal vs god?
08:56:35 AM Aug 18th 2012
I think it's strictly mortasl vs gods. You may ask in the Trope Talk forum though.
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