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08:57:33 PM Jan 21st 2015
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Removed these examples due to them going better with other Tropes:

  • George Lucas Altered Version (i.e. revised after completion):
    • The author of the Webcomic Funny Farm decided to release the series again, one strip at a time, but redrawn in his current art style and with a spoileriffic commentary on each strip.
  • Continuity Reboot (complete displacement):
    • Shortpacked! started out as a gag-a-day comic and was very quickly rebooted with a permanent cast and storyline, displacing the old version.
    • Millennium had a complete reboot in 2008, its older version archived (and still available to read). The author essentially describes the reason as a need to tell the story a different way before it snowballed into something else entirely.
    • Unlike Minerva started out as a fourth-wall breaking parody strip. Then it rebooted and didn't do that kind of thing any more. And Kimberly showed up.
    • Altermeta started over with what appears to be an alternate universe altogether. The old comics are still available in a separate archive.
    • The author of Earthsong, upon securing a publishing deal, considered her original work to be too unprofessional for a published volume and she began what started out as only a partial reboot of the earlier chapters. Though the publishing deal ended after the first book sold poorly, the author proceeded to do a complete rewrite of the entire comic and stopped production of the storyline in favor of continuing the comic with a pure reboot. The archives of the old comic no longer exist.
  • Changing of the Guard:
  • Potential Reboot:
    • Divided Sky's first few chapters are in the process of being re-written and re-drawn. In fact, the artist had the first few pages up before redesigning the site. Now she's completely redoing the story, with Art Evolution to boot.
    • Melonpool started all over, once, but the artist eventually decided to devote himself to new projects and put the old archives back online.
    • Elven Lacryment was halfway through with issue 2 when the original artist had to focus on real life. Another artist was brought in, but she didn't get very far. Now the original artist has returned and the comic is starting fresh.
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