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01:15:53 PM Dec 9th 2011
Cutting the following examples that don't fit the trope. This is a Stock Video Game Setting.

  • The planet Mustafar from Star Wars appears to double as both this and a Single-Biome Planet. As per usual, the Epic Jedi Duel of Epicness allowed the combatants to literally be an inch from the stuff, but as long as they were not literally in physical contact, meh. They were fine. That is, until Anakin gets triple-amputated, at which point the Convection Schmonvection trope is suddenly averted. Vaguely justified, in that the platform and droid they fight on are both fitted with cooling systems to prevent burning. In the film, you can see a blue glow emanating from the underside. In fact, earlier in the fight, when some force field control computers are damaged, the pertinent force fields deactivate (the blue glow disappears) and within a few minutes the structures that were being protected by the force fields are floating down a river of lava.
  • This is essentially what remains of the State of Hawaii in 2012.
  • The Temple of Doom is like this. It's particularly interesting, since on the outside, there's absolutely no indication that deep within this giant mound there is a Lethal Lava Land.

  • In the first book of the Jedi Academy Trilogy, Luke heads to one of those and finds a tribe of humans somehow eking out an existence on it. In order to persuade their leader to join his Jedi academy, Luke fights a lava-dwelling worm and then develops the ability to redirect heat to such a degree that he can pull this move.
    Luke walked across the lake of fire.
    He did not think about it. The lava refused to touch his feet. Only The Force burned bright around him. One step after another, he strode across the flaming rock, letting himself see nothing but his goal until he stood again on solid ground on the far side of the lake of fire, with Gantoris and his people.
  • The Land of Fire has several volcanoes and wastelands. Nicely averted by the Shrine of Flaren which is in the middle of a lake and where the main menace isn't the lava but toxic gases and poisonous vapors.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • Io, one of Jupiter's moons, is covered in volcanoes, erupting constantly and continually resurfacing the moon.
  • Venus is theorized to turn into these periodically (meaning over several hundred million years). The crater distribution on the planet is about even for all areas, about 500 million years old, which suggests that eruptions occurred all over the surface at this time to form the current planet.
  • While large lakes of lava are actually very rare in real life, there are five volcanoes with long lasting lava lakes. One is in the East African rift valley, and another in Antarctica.
  • Earth was this once, before the crust formed and cooled. All of the terrestrial planets were.
    • When the sun becomes a red giant in a few billion years, all the terrestrial planets in turn will become this, and all but Mars (and maybe Earth) will be engulfed and destroyed.
  • Cthonian planets. Basically, gas giants sometimes get too close to their stars, and get so hot that their outer layers are blown away. What's left is a red-hot ball of molten rock and metal. If these planets have atmospheres, they're just thin layers of "rock vapor".
  • Steel Mill, especially in countries with No OSHA Compliance.
02:21:36 PM Aug 23rd 2011
Wasn't sure where to put this as it references multiple tropes, so I'm cross-posting it to all three! Ha HA!
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