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12:58:35 PM Sep 25th 2013
However, most of the time, it's a result of careless rewrites.

Statements like this are best avoided in a trope description. It is impossible to know what causes this phenomenon "most of the time" without doing a great deal of research. So what we're left with is the author's arbitrary conjecture about what "usually" is the case, stated as if it were an indisputable fact.
01:46:02 AM Apr 20th 2012

  • Bella in Twilight constantly complains about how she's unattractive, dumb, weak, and has no self-esteem whatsoever. That doesn't stop her from becoming one of the most popular girls in school, squeezing herself into a love triangle with a vampire and werewolf, suddenly gaining just the right vampire powers to fend off her enemies, and having no problems controlling her bloodlust despite it being rampant in all vampires, all with minimal effort.

The first example is apparently an Unreliable Narrator, not an Informed Flaw. The second example is just an aversion.
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