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Wrt to Yoda's sensing fear in Anakin, it may be justified. He's left his home, his family and in a strange place being interviewed by the Galaxy's toughest bad-asses. I be surprised if he wasn't a little nervous.


Masami Phoenix: I removed the following example, because Luke IS weird. He states the obvious a lot, asks questions about things that should be obvious but aren't to him, showcases insane skill at things he's never done before (mostly anything dealing with hand-eye coordination) and solves any math problem put in front of him, even if you don't ask him to. Combine that with the perpetual puppy-goig-to-the-park smile he has on his face, and I can't blame anybody for thinking he's "weird."

  • Luke Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures sometimes gets described as "weird" when he doesn't particularly act more oddly than other teenagers. Partial aversion, as he DOES hang out with Sarah Jane, is a super-ultra-mega-genius, and doesn't have a belly button!

Dalek: Can I add the Green Lantern's "inability to affect yellow"? I'm sure it has showed up a few times... definitely in a Sinestro battle... but I've never seen the weakness stop him from lifting a taxi or protecting a bystander with a yellow shirt.