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06:01:43 AM May 21st 2015
The Skywalker twins, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo. It's this very trait that allows them to defeat the Empire: Leia, despite being tortured for information, refuses to break and give up the rebels, even though it could mean her life; later, when the love of her life is tortured she still refuses to give in to Vader's demands. Luke's utter inability to even comprehend power for its own sake, as well as his ability to love and forgive anyone, is what ends the Emperor's life: he would fight his father to protect others and give his sister the time she needed to stop the Emperor's plans, but he would not kill him or seek to replace him. This leads Anakin to remember who he is and kill the Emperor himself to protect his son.

I removed the Luke example because the movie itself turns really clear that Luke suffered a legitimate temptation . In other words, he was not corrupted, but was corruptible.
06:18:03 AM May 21st 2015
Seems like they're both shoehorned. Leia is a good character through-and-through, but she isn't really portrayed as this so much as a tough woman underneath her Princess exterior.

... also, she did kind of take time off from the war and put herself and several of her high-ranking officers to save Han. That... wasn't a decision made for the war effort, I'm just saying.
10:13:41 AM Mar 15th 2015
edited by MagBas
  • Melanie Wilkes from Gone with the Wind was originally supposed to be like this; not exactly by today's standards, since she doesn't seem to have a problem with slavery and enthusiastically supports the South in the Civil War.

look, i am sure that values dissonance not changes the mode as something is portrayed.( To be more explicit, all the "pure" characters created 100 years ago realized cringe- worthy things/ showed cringe-worthy opinions to current values.) But, in either case, this is a Zero-Context Example.
11:06:57 AM Mar 15th 2015
No context, yeah. Keep this off.
02:22:32 PM Oct 9th 2012
Something about the description here hits me the wrong way... it seems to be implying that this sort of a character is bad writing. It can be—and it's easier to mess up than most characters—but I've read several examples that really are fully rounded characters. They don't tend to be main characters; they are more likely to be people who've already faced and defeated temptation, or simply people who are truly innocent and just don't *get* evil to begin with (they will often be saints or non-humans; aliens, angels, the faithful dog, etc.).

I wish I could tweak this to reflect that idea—that this trait is not a hallmark of a bad character, but still very easy to mess up—but I can't really figure out how to express that. Perhaps someone else would be willing to give it a shot.
01:09:00 PM Oct 19th 2011
edited by Bertandernie
I added this to the YMMV tab. Is this OK? I just felt like people would have different opinions on who is purely good just like they have different opinions on who is purely evil...
01:32:36 PM Oct 19th 2011
11:10:50 AM Jan 17th 2011
We need a TV Tropes folder for this page. One of the tropes is Screw the Money, I Have Rules!.
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