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Is Granny Weatherwax a version of this? She definitely incorruptible and immune to any attempts to corrupt here, but I can't see idealism as being the right word. Or anything but the opposite of the right word.

If so, ** Granny Weatherwax plays this trope odd : she's Weatherwaxed an entire vampire clan after the leader bit her, and turned down the Queen of Faerie's best offer... at least twice. She's not nice, though, and is fond of pointing out that once you know what's Right, she can't do the Wrong thing and live. Idealist is probably not the right word.

Goldfritha: I don't think there's enough of a contrast between her and the rest of her world to qualify.

s5555: No mention of Shu from Now and Then, Here and There?

Goldfritha: Cutting this as chatter
Also, dying people routinely find themselves freed from Chaos's control and express horror and devastion at what terrible things they did. Being corrupted by Chaos routinely clouds the mind and conscience. If that means it's not corruption, no one gets corrupted in the Warhammer 40000 universe.

Melissia: If you had actually READ the book in question, you'd know that everything I said was true. They were psychicly dominated, and having them near Jurgen broke the psychic domination. This was thus evidence of a mind control power, not corruption (Varan was an extremely powerful psyker, able to dominate the minds of entire planets as long as he could speak with them able to see him). If this was truelly corruption, then they would not have been effected by Jurgen's presence at all, as the Blank powers have no effect on corruption (and indeed Blanks can be corrupted), they only effect psychic powers, daemon powers, and so on. The fact that corrupted beings end up regretting what they did is a completely different topic. I am thus reinstating my edit.

Goldfritha: Nice try, but what I said was true, and I know it because I read the book. And where in Warhammer 40000 has anyone managed to be corrupted in the presence of a blank?

Melissia: That we know of, nowhere. But corruption is not just caused by psychic powers, but also by chemicals, new ideas, or ambition, negative emotions, and so on. Look at the rules for Blanks in Dark Heresy— they can receive corruption points, mutations, etc, just like any other character, and quite frankly that's the most complete list of abilities for Blanks that exists in any 40K books.