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09:19:00 AM Oct 23rd 2012
What's the relationships between this trope and Empty Shell?
01:34:14 PM Jun 9th 2012
Sheer curiosity: Do you read the trope name as "Heroic Bee-Sod" or "Heroic Bee-Ess-Oh-Dee"?
09:33:55 PM Jun 10th 2012
The first one, though I wish it were the second one. It's probably supposed to be the second, I can just never get it right in my mind.
06:27:53 PM Jul 22nd 2014
edited by
"Bsod". I don't need the extra vowel.
04:25:04 PM Oct 20th 2011
Just curious, has there ever been a Heroic BSOD and Villainous Breakdown scene at the same time, can that even happen?
04:28:06 PM Oct 20th 2011
oh, just remembered the end or Doctor Who Planet of Fire, are there any others?
03:16:37 PM Jul 23rd 2012
There's one in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years with Cecil.
03:19:52 PM Jun 16th 2011
So that's it then? The Touhou fans win? Honestly, that Tales of Symphonia picture, combined with the subtitle, was a perfect fit for Heroic BSOD. This Touhou pic is too literal.
03:26:25 PM Jun 27th 2011
I agree with you.
02:50:36 PM Oct 24th 2011
edited by SamMax
Where is this pic I keep hearing about? I at least want a right to an opinion, here!

EDIT: Never mind, found it! I very much agree with you all. Touhou fans, don't take it as an attack on the series, but the picture on the main page... doesn't fit. I'm sorry.
07:59:53 PM Jun 1st 2012
But I love the Touhou pic! I want it to stay! I like how literal it is. But even if it ends up staying, I'm saving it to my computer just in case.
02:08:18 AM Jun 2nd 2012
I really like the page image as well. It would have to go through Image Pickin' before being changed, so there's no real risk of loosing it since it was already chosen by an IP thread.
11:29:41 AM Mar 22nd 2011
Um... I'm searching for a particular anime BECAUSE a main character goes through Heroic BSOD, later dying in the same episode, though I can't find it.

Anyway, the Big Bad, a Mad Scientist whom by this point has a case of Brain In A Jar in a black red-eyed robot, reveals to this girl that he created her as an android and made fabricated memories for her. ... No, not Big-O with Angel/Big Venus. The main character, a friendly blue robot on the woman's side, in fighting a pink fembot trying to kill them in the meantime. When the girl recovers from her BSOD, she turns into a yellow robot and tries to fight back, only to, by the end of the episode, get complete demolished and scrapped.

Not sure if I should ask, but could anyone name that anime for me?
10:23:30 PM Jan 15th 2011
What is the difference between Heroic BSOD and He Who Fights Monsters? The only difference I can see is the former is more of a psychological state and is shorter in duration while the latter is more of a personality trait and tends to be longer.
06:06:50 AM Jan 16th 2011
...What? They're nothing like each other. An Heroic B.S.O.D. is the equilvalent of a hero completely shutting down due to some traumatic incident, and He Who Fights Monsters is a type of villain who does exactly what their enemies do to fight them.
10:15:23 PM Jan 17th 2011
edited by jate88
Then why is he who fights monsters mentioned on the sliding scale of anti heroes page?
05:15:32 AM Jan 18th 2011
...What does that have to do with anything related to Heroic B.S.O.D.?!
02:48:36 PM Oct 24th 2011
edited by SamMax
I agree with Some New Guy here. That has nothing to do with Heroic B.S.O.D.. What the heck is your problem, jate88? And how on Earth are they alike?
12:50:22 AM Aug 9th 2010
edited by jimfromtx
Does this include when, say, someone gets kissed, and all they can do is babble monosyllabic gibberish? (Guh...buh...duh...etc) Edit: Oh, wait, nevermind, that's Post Kiss Catatonia. Found the right trope, and someone had already posted it *sweatdrops*
12:17:02 AM Jun 4th 2010
I really hate the new pic. The old one of Lloyd Irving (from Tales of Symphonia) explained the trope well while the new one is just confusing. It may LITERALLY invoke the trope, but it doesn't explain anything about the trope itself.
02:04:41 AM Jun 11th 2010
I agree. How in the name of Michael Caine does that Cirno pic even attempt to FIT IN with the trope, let alone explain it? Just a Face and a Caption in full effect. When we see that Lloyd pic, we think "A heroic man who's reached the end of his tether due to loss or horrid revelations" When we see the CIRNO pic however, we just see a silly pic of Cirno being the retard that the fandom has Flanderized her into.

Its bad enough that there's too much Touhou on the net anyway.
01:33:14 AM Jun 17th 2010
well, okay, partially Just a Face and a Caption at work, damn I should have researched it a tad more.

But yes, the Cirno pic does not fit into the trope or explain it at all. Honestly, I'd rather it booted out and replaced with, I don't know, the Lloyd Irving pic since that fitted the trope nicely, or any other picture of a hero at the end of their rope.
05:34:02 PM Jun 17th 2010
edited by AceNoctali
Thirded. The current Cirno pic doesn't give a good representation of what is this trope. MightyKombat nailed perfectly why the Lloyd pic is better, with the "heroic man man who's reached the end of his tether due to loss or horrid revelations" line.
12:34:06 AM Jun 20th 2010
So, is there any archive or something where we can retrive the old pic or something?
05:06:22 AM Jun 20th 2010
I couldn't find the pic in the end so I went for the Yuno one as it does kinda fit the trope.
05:09:21 AM Jun 20th 2010
Also it turns out they were looking for an image of a character that has a despairing face indistinguishable froma normal one. Fair enough. But they accepted one with a litteral BSOD in the eyes and went for the unfitting Cirno pic.

No offense to the mods, but way to misinterpret the trope entirely.
07:38:35 AM Jun 20th 2010
Hm. I guess they want the unfitting pic after all.
06:29:58 AM Jun 21st 2010
edited by TriggerLoaded
It says right on the page when editing: "Image selected by discussion in the Image Pickin' forum. Please check in there before making any changes to it."

If you want a new page image, go here and make your case. If you have enough support, you can change it. But ignoring a mod ruling doesn't fly here.

You may need to reupload some of the images, a lot of them have been cleaned due to lack of links.
04:49:27 PM Jun 27th 2010
I've had a look. By the looks of it, there might be a change, though as of now, no new replies.
02:36:55 PM Jan 16th 2012
@Mighty Kombat

Touhou is like dakka IMO - NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH. EVAR.
12:40:30 PM Apr 12th 2010
I think we should add to all of the examples of this tropes what caused the heroes to get out of their BSO Ds and back to kicking butt.
09:20:55 PM Mar 9th 2010
Do we have an ETA on when this page will get unlocked? I ask because I have a new example to add.
02:14:31 AM Oct 25th 2010
I do as well. Honestly, this trope could be renamed "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?" and have the same meaning...hence, I need to add the example based on either the film or the album, whichever really.
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