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MCE: Does this trope include comedy use of Brain lockup, such as a characters being accidentally pushed over went poked or other characters dressing them up?

I do not understand the origin of this term. The only BSOD I know is "Blue Screen of Death," a locked-up error condition to which some flavors of Micro Soft Windows are annoyingly prone.

Is the writer saying that in these circumstances the hero goes into inert motionless brainlock and can take no further action unless someone turns him off and back on again?

osh: Basically.

Kendra Kirai: I was a little confused too, but then I thought about it, and yeah, the Hero basically requires a reset. They need to have their previous experiences that led them to begin being a Hero in the first place repeated to them. Restore from backup. :)

Tabby: Added clarification to the main page.
Seth: The term "Mindrape" is greatness.

Scrounge: Is there a villain counterpart to this? Scheme freeze-up or something? I've seen too many bad guys with a deer-in-the-headlights expression to belive there isn't.

Fathom: There is. I posted an example from that shows all the earmarks of trauma BSOD. It's an It's All My Fault critical error that caused his emotional withdrawal. It even ventured somewhat into the territory of the Freak Out!, but fortunately that's often good for villains.

Licky Lindsay: did this go through the YKTTW crucible? Somebody would have pointed out that the name will make people think of Heroic BDSM, and Squicky Magic would have taken care of the rest.

Ry Senkari: Hmmm... is Heroic BDSM in the Title Bin yet?

Licky Lindsay: it is now.

Shay Guy: Is there a reason Peter Parker identifying Ben's murderer isn't on here?

Vulpy: This title is Made of Win, by the way. "The Hero has encountered a fatal error and must be rebooted." Props to whoever named it.

Freezair For A Limited Time: Proving that TV Tropes Will Ruin Your REM Cycles, I had a dream last night in which this article was vandalized. So I am now bringing this fact up here to keep it from happening. Or something. I don't know. I felt like sharing.

AKK: Ranma in the final book of the series suffers from this when Akane saves him(saying more would be spoilerific and I don't quite know how to blank those out yet).
Rogue 7: Perhaps it's because I haven't seen SHUFFLE!, but I would vote for a return to Lloyd Irving. Particularly since the caption was much, much better. Edit: better picture than the first one, but I still like the "Lloyd Irving has enountered an error and needs to be rebooted" caption.

  • Sparky Lurkdragon: I don't care who or what's in the picture, but we need to keep the caption in some form or another.

Vree: What's the point of swapping the picture for your favourite, guys? Are you trying to get it omitted due to edit wars, you idiots? If you just do it to provide us with some variety, FINE. But quit it.

Pureauthor: In my view, the big problem with the Luffy picture is that it looks equally like he could be passing out from his wounds, since he is bleeding all over the place. Without context it's not the best picture.

Buh6173: Then again, lots of pictures could be misinterpreted for different things. You can tell, though, that Luffy's blanking out. Without spoilers, it's pretty difficult to tell why someone is going into a Heroic BSOD, so any good image of someone going into one fits well.

STA: Well, an image of someone looking like they just got crushed mentally (like a wide eyed, dumbstruk look or something) would get the message across better than a bloody guy. When I look at the picture, for all I know, it could be about some crushing loss. Heroic BSOD isn't Exactly What It Says on the Tin after all. There's got to be a better image than that one to convey the message. I don't care who it is, I just wish that, at the very least, they could find a better image of Luffy. If not, stick with the old one.

It is about some crushing lost. Isn't that kinda the point with most BSOD's?

The Luffy picture is rather Nightmare Fuel-ish and I have to agree it's a bit incomprehensible and doesn't really fit the trope the best. Heroic BSO Ds aren't only crushing losses, they're any traumatic event or reveal that leaves the protagonist incapable of normal coherent function. The blank-eyed Llord Irving seems to fit that better than... whatever the hell Luffy's doing in that picture. (Seriously, it looks like he's being tortured or something.) As a compromise you could always link to the picture in the trope example itself. Or maybe we could have an image index like over in Pimped-Out Dress.

That is what's going on with the picture; he's just had a traumatic event that left him incapable of normal coherent function.

Buh6173: Fast Eddie, can you please at least TRY to talk about the image? Just because you disagree doesn't give you license to go in and delete the image. If it helps to represent the trope, then it belongs on the page.

Fast Eddie: It doesn't represent anything. It even takes a while to figure out it is supposed to be a guy shouting upward. Multiple people have zapped it, not just me. Told you I'd put an edit ban on the next time you 'warred it back in. Here you go.

a lot of us like that image too, don't act like other people don't want it

Buggeration: Seriously, man, just drop it. I don't read the manga, but I can still tell what's going on. It's a pretty good image and I think it goes kinda well with the article. And besides, it's not that big of a deal to get so worked up about. So you guys disagree about an image; big deal. Either one of you come up with a better image, or stick with the one he came up with.

Also, wasn't banning the guy a little unfair just for disagreeing with you? I know you were having an editing war, but still, you weren't really coming up with any solutions to the problem other than erasing the image.

Buh6173: I'm not trying to have an edit war with the guy. It's just that he refuses to talk it out until I actually make a change on the page. If he were to discuss it in the talk page, maybe I'd be more inclined to listen.

And Fast Eddie, I don't know how you can't tell what's going on. That blank stare in his eyes is the anime equivalent of "mind shutting down". Not only does it show it well, but the in-context example is a perfect example of this trope to a tee. Because Ace dies (and he failed to protect him, making him a Failure Knight), Luffy basically goes into a Blue Screen of Death, temporarily shutting down. I don't know how much further it needs to be spelled out. Can you please just leave it be? It really isn't that big of a deal to have an image you don't like up there.

Fast Eddie: That picture was Just a Face and a Caption. Turned into edit war about image positioning, too. I'm locking the article. It is wasting too much of my time.

Buh6173: The only one partaking in an "edit war" was you. And it would be Just a Face and a Caption if he wasn't obviously going under a BSOD...but he was. So it fit. The only person going berserk about it was you.

Colonial1: *facepalm* Look, the Lloyd Irving picture worked. So did the bloody caption. So please, ladies and gents, stop flammenwerfing and bring it back. Don't tell me he doesn't look traumatized, because he does. End of line.

Buh6173: Fine, I'll be happy with the Lloyd picture. The problem is that Fast Eddie wants no picture; he deletes anything that goes up.

Fast Eddie: Bring it up for suggestions in the Image Pickin' forum.